Take a Bow, BBC

You say you want a (streaming) revolution? The media world is being turned upside down. Traditional broadcasters are being disrupted by OTT streaming services like Netflix and Hulu while cord-cutting millennials ditch their TVs for their favorite mobile devices.

So how does a venerable broadcaster like the BBC compete? With innovative new streaming services of its own, like BBC iPlayer, that modernize the viewer experience. And it’s working. We were thrilled to see the BBC just announced a record number of iPlayer requests in January along with new personalization initiatives. ForgeRock powers iPlayer’s secure, omnichannel viewer experience.

iPlayer clocked 304 million requests for TV programs last month, the highest number ever seen by the BBC. Additionally, viewers who sign-in to their iPlayer accounts via connected TVs are now able to continue watching the show that they started on their iPad or mobile phone. Connected TVs are just the start. Soon, this seamless viewing experience will be compatible with set-top boxes, streaming media devices, and games consoles to enable viewers to truly watch anytime, anywhere.

The ForgeRock Identity Platform enables iPlayer to know who you are and what show you were watching, so you never miss a scene. Analyzing viewing history linked to personal identities, iPlayer also suggests relevant content to keep viewers engaged. ForgeRock plays a key role in helping the BBC to deliver a highly rated viewer experience.

Check out this presentation from our 2016 Identity Summit in London where the BBC's Phil Fearnley discussed their digital transformation and the myBBC project.