Who Are the Identerati?

You’re familiar with digital identity standards like OpenID Connect, OAuth, and User-Managed Access, fundamental elements of privacy and security on the internet. But have you ever wondered how they came to be? A lot of work on these protocols went on (and goes on) behind the scenes at the Internet Identity Workshop (IIW), a bi-annual gathering of identity experts where we work on improving the identity systems that make the web run. It’s a great event that’s flown under the radar, so I’m excited to share a new documentary on IIW,  “Not Just Who They Say We Are: Claiming our identity on the Internet”. This short film shines a light on the stealth community of “Identerati” at IIW that are defining and refining digital identity.

IIW has had a significant impact on my work. Because identity information often has to be flung securely across the Internet, lots of facets of it need standardization. This community, and its style of interaction and collaboration, have been essential to accelerating this progress and making it more agile. Bringing together people from so many disciplines, walks of life, and business sectors has truly broadened my horizons as an identity professional. It also makes it more fun! Here’s a little something a bunch of us did in our free time at the first IIW “un-talent show” ten years ago, our hit single, Bohemian Identity.

Today, IIW is exploring topics including user-centric identity, self-sovereign identity, and blockchain-based identity. If that sounds interesting to you, come on down to the 24th IIW May 2-4 at the Computer History Museum in Mountain View and mingle with some ForgeRockers there! More details here.