The Ultimate CIAM Buyer’s Guide

The What, Why, and How for Selecting the Best CIAM Provider

Selecting a Digital Identity provider for customer identity and access management (CIAM) is a significant undertaking. Your final decision will define the future of your business and must account for many factors, some of which may be currently unknown to you now.

To help you in this important undertaking, we’ve developed an Ultimate CIAM Buyer’s Guide, comprising a series of comprehensive papers to assist you in the decision making process. These include: 

  • An informative paper detailing the six trends necessitating a future-minded CIAM solution

  • A detailed evaluation guide, including easy-to-understand CIAM component definitions, and RFP questions for each component

  • A workbook to compare CIAM providers, including component definitions, a comparison matrix, RFP questions, and ForgeRock’s answers

  • Industry-specific companion workbooks with RFP questions, the reasons why it’s important to ask each question, and ForgeRock’s answers

As a collection, this comprehensive Ultimate CIAM Buyers Guide will enable you to more easily identify the customer IAM provider best for your organization and the future of your business.


Six Trends for Why Modernizing CIAM is the New Imperative



Six business trends show why you need modern ciam

Why Digital Identity Platforms are the New Imperative for Customer Identity & Access Management

As the first asset within the Ultimate CIAM Buyer’s Guide, this paper discusses how over the past decade, business and society has been up-ended by technology and six interdependent, digital transformation trends. The intimate dance between technology, business, and society has never moved faster nor been more influential.

The six trends necessitate that organizations change how they interact with customers, devices, ‘things’, and data. They also require that organizations take a new approach to delivering products and services as well as security, access, privacy, and control.

Download The Top Six Digital Transformation Shaping Business and Society: Why Digital Identity Platforms are the New Imperative for Customer Identity and Access Management to learn about each of the six trends in depth and why an advanced digital identity management platform is important for organizations interested in not only surviving, but increasing their opportunities and revenue.


Evaluate CIAM Providers: Top Criteria, Differentiators, Definitions, and RFP Questions


This second asset within the Ultimate CIAM Buyer’s Guide discusses how organizations should be equipped to address each of the six digital transformation trends that are interdependently shaping business and society today in order to survive and thrive. In this context, organizational leaders must take inventory of their current systems and processes used throughout the enterprise and select a digital identity management solution not only built to address the six trends, but those to come. 

Read Evaluating Digital Identity Providers for Customer Identity and Access Management: Top Criteria, Differentiators, and Questions to Ask IAM Providers to: 

  • Learn how to evaluate digital identity providers according to the six trends and the future

  • Gain a comprehensive review of both basic and strategic components for digital identity management for customer use cases

  • Get detailed RFP questions to ask identity and access management (IAM) providers for customer use cases


Evaluating Digital Identity Providers for CIAM

Criteria, differentiators, and RFP questions


How to Compare CIAM Providers: A Workbook



How do you compare digital identity providers for CIAM?

A Workbook & Guide to Top Criteria, Differentiators, and Questions to Ask CIAM Providers

Behind the scenes, digital identity management platforms are now the enablers of both business and everyday life. Yet, platforms vary in their components and capabilities.

Download this third asset within the Ultimate CIAM Buyer’s Guide, Comparing Digital Identity Management Providers for Customer Identity and Access Management: A Workbook, and easily cross-compare digital identity providers for today’s most relevant CIAM use cases with the following:

  • A review of the six trends, use cases, and the CIAM components that digital identity management platforms should offer to address them

  • RFP questions for each CIAM component and space to fill in competitor answers

  • A matrix to check off and cross-compare provider capabilities by component and use case

  • ForgeRock’s answers for each RFP question

Industry Specific Workbooks to Compare CIAM Providers

Requirements for customer identity and access management vary across industries. To ensure you’re covering all the bases specific to your industry, we’ve created companion industry workbooks to be used alongside the other assets within this Ultimate CIAM Buyer’s Guide.

Each industry-specific workbook contains:

  • Industry-specific CIAM RFP questions

  • The context and reasons why it’s important to ask each question

  • ForgeRock’s answers to each question