NuID provides a decentralized authentication solution that eliminates the need for enterprises to store, manage and protect passwords and other user authentication data. Enterprises that implement NuID’s solution eliminate the risk of a password breach altogether: with nothing to store, there’s nothing to steal!

The NuID platform leverages advances in zero knowledge cryptography combined with distributed ledger technology to enable end-users (customers or employees) to prove that they know their authentication secrets without having to reveal them or send them across a network. This creates a “trustless” system, where end-users own their own authentication data and no longer have to trust services to protect it.

The solution comes in the form of a lightweight REST API that functions as a thin layer within a larger enterprise IAM stack. NuID’s unified protocol for strong authentication is factor agnostic: it supports passwords, tokens, and biometrics—enabling businesses to reduce security risks and streamline the user experience.

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