Block the Bots to Keep Your Customers Coming Back

Learn how the ForgeRock Identity Platform helps defend against destructive bots today and in the future to help you deliver better customer experiences.

With the increase in online shopping over the past decade, retail bots have emerged as an immense threat to pricing and customer loyalty.

Automated bots have saturated the ecommerce marketplace, buying up in-demand products and then reselling them at a much higher price. This has had a direct impact on customer experiences as retailers are left dealing with frustrated consumers who are unable to find their desired products in stock. With the recent transition to an entirely digital way of life due to the effects of COVID-19, it is now more critical than ever for retailers to ensure it is truly people buying their products, and not bots.

Read the whitepaper, Block the Bots to Keep Your Customers Coming Back, to learn:

  • What retail bots are and how they work
  • Impacts on the customer experience
  • How the ForgeRock Identity Platform helps fight back
  • How to protect your organization from the threat of bots in the future

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