Combat Fraud and Account Takeover in Financial Services

Reduce Risk and Accelerate Investments with AI-Driven Orchestration

Only 37% of Consumers Have Confidence in Banks Securing Their Data

With increasing digitization of the financial services industry (FSI) and the widespread move to remote work, the risk of account takeover (ATO) and fraud has skyrocketed.

Addressing cybersecurity threats requires organizations to adopt sophisticated identity and access management (IAM) capabilities to remove unwanted friction while increasing security.

ForgeRock Autonomous Access is a powerful threat prevention solution that empowers you to make smarter access decisions based on multiple signals and analytics. Autonomous Access helps you understand the differences between known users, users displaying anomalous behavior, or known threats, and allows you to reduce or increase friction accordingly.

Read the Combat Fraud and Account Takeover in Financial Services whitepaper to learn how ForgeRock helps organizations:

  • Boost fraud prevention
  • Improve customer engagement 
  • Drive smarter access decisions
  • Secure borderless access
  • Accelerate Zero Trust and CARTA