Maximize the Value of Your Federal Health IT Identity Solutions with AI-Driven Identity Analytics

Augment legacy solutions to help scale and streamline access operations and clean up inappropriate privileges for your federal health IT organization.

ForgeRock Autonomous Identity provides sophisticated AI-driven identity analytics that enables federal health IT organizations to automate and accelerate decisions and maximize existing investments.

With the size, number, and frequency of data breaches increasing year over year, the pressures caused by external security threats have never been greater. Combined with the number of increasing identities, volume of activities requiring access, and the uptick in remote working, legacy identity and access management (IAM) and identity and governance administration (IGA) solutions are falling short. They are not equipped to handle these growing challenges and requirements at scale. So, what's the solution?

Download Maximize the Value of Your Federal Health IT Identity Solution with AI-Driven Identity to learn:

  • The shortcomings of legacy identity solutions to address external and internal cyberthreats.
  • How Autonomous Identity integrates with existing identity solutions to provide real-time user access visibility, control, and remediation organization-wide.
  • The top 5 legacy IAM and IGA challenges and how AI-Driven Identity Analytics solves each.
  • The benefits of Autonomous Identity for federal health IT organizations.

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