Reduce the Total Cost of Fraud

Apply Intelligent Access to Your Anti-Fraud Initiatives

Digital transformation initiatives offer numerous benefits to organizations, and with the transition to an almost entirely virtual world over the past year, have become a high priority for companies across the globe. However, following closely on the heels of digital transformation efforts is its biggest challenge: online fraud.

Online fraud attempts in the US retail sector have doubled year-over-year and tripled since 2017, resulting in a loss of over $3 for every dollar of fraud committed. With the number and associated cost of fraudulent attacks continuously increasing, organizations are scrambling to find solutions to reduce the occurrence and total cost of fraud attempts.

ForgeRock Intelligent Access offers advanced access management capabilities and the unique ability to integrate and orchestrate industry-leading anti-fraud solutions into user journeys. 

Read the white paper, Reduce the Total Cost of Fraud, to learn:

  • Insights into choosing the right IAM solution for preventing fraud
  • How ForgeRock provides continuous protection
  • Industry-leading anti-fraud solutions in the ForgeRock Trust Network
  • How to build a fraud detection user journey