Scaling to Success in Retail

How an identity-based headless commerce architecture helps accelerate ROI of your digital investment

ForgeRock prides itself on helping people safely and simply access the connected world. Retailers like you use the ForgeRock Identity Platform to deliver frictionless, hyper-personalized, and secure omnichannel experiences – embedded in a flexible headless commerce architecture that lets you adapt and scale in a future-proof and agile way.

Transforming your IT into a headless commerce architecture and embedding IAM into the front- and backend of your retail ecosystem creates seamless, scalable and secure customer experiences while at the same time you are integrating and potentially consolidating multiple identity stores which drastically reduces or even eliminates reliance on legacy IAM.

In this whitepaper, Scaling to Success in Retail, you'll learn:

  • How IAM supports speed and scales across on-premises, cloud, and hybrid IT deployments
  • The business potential of a seamless and latency-free infrastructure that creates a real-time view of customer needs across multiple identity stores
  • More details about how IAM can get embedded in a headless commerce architecture
  • How to rapidly orchestrate and improve access journeys
  • Ways to enforce least-privilege access across brands

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