Six Trends Driving the Future of Cloud

Develop a Better IAM Strategy by Understanding the Top Six Cloud Trends

Data shows that organizations are moving to the cloud in record numbers, with an estimated 45% of IT spending shifting to cloud by 20241. The move to the cloud places identity and access management (IAM) professionals in the middle of disruptive change that is transforming both their responsibilities and their workflows. Yet, in the midst of this, there’s a concerning trend emerging within the enterprise sector – some cloud implementations are less than successful. In fact, 80% of CIOs admit they have not attained the desired business agility with migration to the cloud2.

For a successful cloud and IAM strategy that leads to positive outcomes, there are six cloud trends identity professionals should consider. Understanding these trends and how they affect business is critical to making informed decisions.

Download Six Trends Driving the Future of Cloud: A Guide for Identity and Access Management Professionals to learn about the top six cloud trends and how they impact identity and access management.