Deployment Support Services

Support with the deployment of your identity and access management solutions

How It Works

ForgeRock understands that as a customer you want to get value for your investment as soon as possible. To help our customers and integrators achieve this and maximize the success of their ForgeRock project, we offer Deployment Support Services (DSS).

DSS is available as an hourly rate service (DSS Hours) for flexibility, and Packaged Workshops for focused collaboration at key project decision points. ForgeRock will plan with you on how to best use the Deployment Support Services, advising on best practice, and building towards a successful deployment.


  • For the customer: vendor involvement in the project with a light touch to advise and guide on product installation, integration and customisation. This avoids common deployment problems and achieves ROI more quickly
  • For the integrator: a ForgeRock expert on hand to help with key decisions and who has direct access to all of ForgeRock’s expertise.
  • For the whole project team - customer, integrator and ForgeRock: all three parties working together to build a successful deployment as quickly as possible

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Deployment Support Services Hours

  • DSS Hours give you access to ForgeRock expertise throughout your project, providing advice on architecture, build options, application integration, nonfunctional requirements, testing, and operational best practice.
  • Services can be performed off-site or on-site. On-site services will need to be scheduled in advance (travel expenses will apply).
  • Typically a ForgeRock subscription will have 25 hours attached, to be used over the duration of the project.
  • For instance: over a three month project the ForgeRock consultant could be available for weekly 2-hour screen sharing sessions. The dates and times will typically be agreed in advance at the beginning of the project, or for agile projects can be planned at the beginning of each sprint.
  • Additional hours can be purchased for longer or more complex projects.

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Packaged Workshops

ForgeRock offers packaged services, delivered as workshops (on-site or off-site over consecutive days), which provide specific expert resources at key stages of a project.

  • Architecture and Design
  • Supportability Review 
  • Production Go Live Support 

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Consulting Services

We recommend that you have your implementation done by an Accredited Delivery Partner (ADP). They bring the assurance that a project uses the ForgeRock platform to its complete potential. Where this is not possible, ForgeRock is able to supply your implementation team with an expert resource who can inject the required knowledge into the project. These engagements will need to be scoped individually.

For ForgeRock Consulting Services please speak to your ForgeRock sales representative.


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