Get Insights into the Rise of Account Takeover Fraud

Live webinar featuring Forester on account takeover fraud and how to prevent it with Al.

How Your Organization Can Prevent Account Takeover

With the acceleration in digital commerce, there's been an increase in related cyberthreats, including account takeover (ATO). Driven by compromised credentials, ATO is often the source of data breaches, theft, and other fraudulent activities. In fact, the cost of ATO skyrocketed to an estimated $11.4 billion in 2021.

Join us for a powerful way to fight back. Guest speaker Merritt Maxim, VP and Research Director at Forrester, and Tim Bedard, Sr. Director at ForgeRock, will explore why ATO and unauthorized access remain top threats, and how your organization can prevent them with AI-driven threat protection.

Our live discussion and Q&A will cover

  • Cyberthreat market trends and business challenges
  • Why password-based protection is failing
  • How to leverage ForgeRock AI/ML to stop account takeover attacks
  • Key findings from the 2022 ForgeRock Consumer Identity Breach Report

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