Identity Cloud PaaS

The ForgeRock Identity Platform meets any challenging consumer, workforce, or thing requirement and is the most comprehensive IDaaS cloud identity solution on the market

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Identity Platform as a Service (IDaaS)

Organizations require comprehensive, highly available platforms to connect the right information or service at the right time and place. They need to engage with customers, the workforce, and things in a way that is frictionless, personal, and easy. At the same time, they need to protect, secure, and ensure that privacy and regulatory requirements are being addressed. ForgeRock Identity Cloud PaaS is a comprehensive Platform-as-a-Service cloud identity solution that covers both aspects of identity management in cloud environments.

ForgeRock Identity Cloud PaaS

Complete Identity Platform-as-a-Service

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ForgeRock Identity Cloud PaaS provides you with frictionless onboarding of your consumers and a unified view of your users, including Smart Registration, Progressive Profiling, and Intelligent Authentication. Identity Cloud PaaS offers your employees federation, just-in-time provisioning, and composite identities, along with automated registration and authentication for the millions of devices they use. 

For all your consumer, workforce, and things workflows, Identity Cloud PaaS enables ecosystem-wide integration, retention of  legacy integrations with mission-critical partners, and bridging of on-premises deployments with cloud targets. Identity Cloud PaaS includes multi-cloud distribution of services and cross-region data sync.

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Built on a foundation of security, privacy, and current standards, ForgeRock’s identity-enabled microservices help your organization keep up with evolving technology trends and support an agile, performance-based framework.

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