Customer Identity Management

Digital Identity for the Omnichannel Customer Experience

The Customer Relationship Begins with Identity

There are more ways for your customers to interact with your products and services than ever before – and that’s awesome. But that also means you need a customer identity and access management (CIAM) solution that enables you to come to them, on whatever device, app, or service they’re using.

Building lifelong relationships with your customers is only possible when you know who they are. The ForgeRock Identity Platform is the customer identity management solution that enables leading digital businesses to create a single customer profile company-wide, so everyone in every department can provide secure, personalized service.  

Video: Learn how identity enables personalized customer interactions

Personalize Digital Relationships with CIAM

This guide will help you understand the essentials of customer-focused identity and how it can create engaging customer experiences

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Learn how TomTom uses ForgeRock to create a single persistent identity across mobile and connected devices

Omnichannel Customer Experiences Win Hearts & Minds

Only an omnichannel master can reach personalized customer experience zen! For many organizations, redundant identity solutions, siloed customer identity management data, and multiple user credentials make the vision of omnichannel seem impossible. But with ForgeRock, digital businesses can unify their identity silos and create a single view of the customer. 

  • Make access easy for your customers with single sign-on and social registration
  • Build loyal brand relationships through a personalized customer experience across all channels

73% of shoppers use multiple channels during their shopping journey*

*Harvard Business Review

Getting Personal Means Getting Private

Innovative digital products and services, particularly the IoT, enable companies to collect and use customer identity data in new ways to improve customer experiences. But if you fail to respect customer data privacy, it’s lights out. Your customers trust you. Keep it that way with privacy tools and solutions fit for the new digital economy.

  • Prioritize privacy with innovative registration solutions like layered privacy notices
  • Build trusted relationships by enabling secure, tailored data sharing with tools like user-managed access
  • Give customers the ability to see and manage their personal data from one place
  • Provide a foundation for data protection and sharing that complies with regulations like the EU GDPR
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Data Privacy in the Digital Era

Do you have privacy and consent tools to deal with the massive scale of the digital era? Download this report to find out

Only 9% of IT professionals believe current data privacy and consent tools will be able to adapt to the needs of the emerging digital economy *

*TechValidate survey of ForgeRock customers
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Get the basics behind an IoT-ready identity platform

Power Up Your Customer Identity Management Platform for the IoT

The IoT melds the physical and digital worlds, helping companies to extend their reach beyond traditional channels. Connected devices are an opportunity to collect valuable data for personalization and to engage customers in new ways. However, traditional IAM systems can’t handle the size and complexity of the IoT. You need a better (unified) CIAM platform.

  • Scale to extend identity to millions of users, devices, and connected things
  • Connect to any digital thing with a flexible, standards-based platform

Is your IAM platform IoT ready? Download this guide to learn the 12 key requirements

You’re Going to Like the Way You Log In 

As malicious hacks and attacks increase in frequency and severity, it’s critical for organizations to amp up the security they provide their customers. But companies need to strike a delicate balance between providing strong security and making it easy to access products and services. Modern authentication methods can help improve customer satisfaction and retention.

  • Choose from over 25 out-of-the-box authentication modules for advanced security
  • Use context to generate risk scores and require stronger authentication only when necessary

Watch this 5 minute demo to learn how to configure passwordless authentication with the ForgeRock Identity Platform

Go beyond passwords. Download this white paper to learn why the future of authentication involves biometrics and push notifications