Identity of Things

The Attack of the Things!

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Case study

All the new devices, services, and connected things coming online? Awesome, but they need to be secure. No one wants their connected car (let alone their smart fridge) getting hacked! The Internet of Things (IoT) needs secure identity too.

ForgeRock can assign digital identities to connected devices and things like cars, drones, street lights, gas pumps, wearables, medical devices, and whatever’s coming next. Now, you can understand who these devices belong to and use real-time data and situational context to personalize and protect the customer experience.

For industries and organizations of all stripes, the IoT is a huge opportunity to roll out new products and services, or even launch new lines of business. We’re already delivering services to millions of connected devices and things in a secure, scalable, and repeatable way, and we’re ready to help you do it too.  

Our Digital Identity Solutions Cut Across Industries

Everything has a unique digital identity, from employees and customers to connected cars and drones. When you know who your users are and what they can do, you can cater to them and keep them safe. Check out our specific solutions to a variety of digital identity challenges.