Digital Health

Identity Management for Patients & Providers

Secure, Personalized Healthcare

A few years ago, patients walked in armed with internet research. Now, patients can track their health with digital devices and share their data with doctors and providers for more efficient, effective, and collaborative care.

With the ForgeRock Identity Platform, you can create digital identities for all your patients – while respecting their privacy and ensuring data security. This means you can partner with patients to collect data from apps, wearables, and digital health and wellness services to create one consistent, secure digital record across offices and departments.

Healthcare providers use identity and access management from ForgeRock to deliver a top-notch patient experience that is secure, modern, and personal.

70% of patients
aged 18 to 65 would be interested in digitally monitoring their health data (McKinsey)

See how digital identity enables connected healthcare

Create a unique connected care experience

Patient Identity Management – One Patient, One Profile 

The modern healthcare ecosystem extends beyond the confines of the hospital and the doctor’s office to the patient’s home and daily life. A single, unified patient view makes digital healthcare a reality.

  • Unify the identity data of patients across multiple, siloed identity systems
  • Integrate with legacy systems, avoiding the need for expensive “rip and replace”
  • Allow care givers, family members, physicians, and patients to securely share data 

The ForgeRock deployment will create a better user experience for customers and deliver strong backend support, while providing a flexible, architecturally elegant, & technologically superior solution for the company.”

Mike Wilson, CISO, McKesson — Read Case Study

The Foundation for Connected Care

Whether it’s remote health monitoring tools, wearables, or apps, the ability to connect anything provides more effective treatments and cost savings.

Connected care relies on the Internet of Things

Protect Patient Data Privacy

Simplify complex data sharing and consent decisions. Secure patient-controlled data-sharing across cloud, mobile, and IoT sources and comply with regulations.

  • Give patients control over their digital health data with user-managed access
  • Provide the ability to determine who gets access to data, for how long, and under what conditions
  • Let patients authorize data-sharing with the appropriate doctors and care providers for greater collaboration between healthcare stakeholders
  • Use identity and new privacy tools to move towards adherence with the EU GDPR (less than 1.5 years left to comply)

We are able to design innovative data-sharing and consent technologies into our HealthSuite Digital Platform that make it possible to foster consumer and patient trust.”

Jeroen Tas, CEO, Healthcare Informatics Solutions and Services, Philips — Watch Presentation 

Create a Secure, Frictionless Patient Experience

ForgeRock employs advanced security throughout a digital session, not just at the door (initial authentication) like other vendors

  • Apply contextual identity, adaptive risk, and multi-factor authentication at initial login as well as at any point during a digital session
More security and less hassle with mobile push authentication

An example of registering a mobile device with Push Authentication. Watch the Demo

 Since we’re in the healthcare market, it’s imperative that everything is secure and that we have a high level of confidence in identifying the individuals who are on our system and what they’re doing with it. Without an effective identity management strategy, our business would stop.”

Jason Carmichael, Manager of Enterprise Architecture, Availity — Read Case Study

Our Digital Identity Solutions Cut Across Industries

Businesses designing products connected to the Internet, sometimes for the first time - like cars, medical devices, or security cameras - need to know who and what is accessing their products, and when and how. Done right, identity management not only keeps your customers safe, but also gives you the power to deliver a personalized experience, and build trusted relationships between you, your customers, and your digital products and services. We do this for customers across nearly every industry.