“Knock-knock.” Who’s there? “Do we really have to do this...again?”

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Employee authentication and access is like a never-ending knock-knock joke. Because there’s a password for nearly everything: company intranet, benefits system, payroll, CRM, cloud storage, business applications, and so on.

No one can manage this many logins, and that’s when they resort to bad practices like writing passwords down in notebooks, documents, or emails, undermining the security of the whole operation.

Employees want one login and profile that gives them access to the tools and applications they need. Your workforce is also mobile and expects to be able to access company systems with their personal devices over unsecured networks.

With the ForgeRock Identity Platform, you can rely on real-time, contextual, and consistent security to protect even the most carefree employee.

Our Digital Identity Solutions Cut Across Industries

Everything has a unique digital identity, from employees and customers to connected cars and drones. When you know who your users are and what they can do, you can cater to them and keep them safe. Check out our specific solutions to a variety of digital identity challenges.