Can you give customers digital identities they can take to the bank?

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ForgeRock ties customers to unique digital identities so banks understand who their customers are, wherever they are, without ever meeting them face-to-face. This makes it easy to compete for customers with new digital services for credit cards, retail banking, investment management, rewards programs, and more, accessible from any device and tailored to personal preferences.

The ForgeRock Identity Platform secures digital identities of users, devices, services, and connected things. We use continuous, contextual security to spot unusual circumstances anytime and anywhere. Which means you can offer your customers a more personal, more secure experience. And in this increasingly competitive landscape, that’s something you can bank on.

The Power of Identity in Retail Banking

Using customer identity to enhance digital business engagement for financial institutions

Customer knowledge and engagement is key to optimizing new digital ecosystems that connect users, devices, and internet-connected things. These extend across services, ranging from credit cards to retail banking to investment to rewards programs and more and customer engagement drives success. Learn how customer identity management can help. Download our whitepaper on the power of identity in retail banking.

Our Digital Identity Solutions Cut Across Industries

Businesses designing products connected to the Internet, sometimes for the first time - like cars, medical devices, or security cameras - need to know who and what is accessing their products, and when and how. Done right, identity management not only keeps your customers safe, but also gives you the power to deliver a personalized experience, and build trusted relationships between you, your customers, and your digital products and services. We do this for customers across nearly every industry.