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General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR)

GDPR is more than a regulation; it's an opportunity



KuppingerCole: The Effect of GDPR on Customer Relations

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GDPR, Trust and Data Privacy - Learn how to leverage GDPR to build trust with consumers

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Data Protection, Consent and User Control in one of our most popular papers.

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Build Customer Loyalty in the GDPR Era

Business leaders face tough choices every day. Starting in May 2018, organizations that hold or process the personal information of EU citizens are subject to the impact of the new Global Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). It's time to devise a privacy and consent strategy that treats consumer-controlled data sharing across cloud, mobile, and IoT sources as a business imperative and shifts innovation toward consumer trust. Find out more in this report commissioned by ForgeRock, in conjunction with MyCustomer.

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GDPR in Brief

ForgeRock helps address GDPR requirements around customer data privacy and consent.

Give Back the Power

Revolutionizing Retail with Profile and Privacy Management

Is That Your Data?

“The value created through digital identity can be massive..." - The Boston Consulting Group

Protect Customer Privacy, Build Trusted Relationships

The ForgeRock Identity Platform is uniquely positioned to help address GDPR and other privacy challenges. It is designed to support digital transformation initiatives at the scale required for large consumer populations. Designed as a platform, rather than a collection of products, you can be confident about who and what is accessing sensitive data.

User Consent & Data Control

The ForgeRock Identity Platform provides a comprehensive set of end-user privacy capabilities that can help address many GDPR topics such as obtaining and proving consent, purpose limitation, data minimisation, and data accuracy.

Go Beyond GDPR Compliance

Leverage the investment required for data protection and privacy compliance with best practices. ForgeRock offers transparent privacy and consent solutions for maximizing market opportunities and building deeper customer trust.

Not A Forget Me Not

Under GDPR, there are several instances when data erasure is required. (Who remembers the band Erasure?) The ForgeRock Identity Platform can help address data validation and rectification, and to implement an erasure protocol.

ForgeRock Helps You Build Trusted Relationships.

Why are we doing this? Not just because we can, but because it must be done. We want to live in a world where our digital selves are protected and respected, where trust online is just as important as it is to us in real life.

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