Connected Car

Connected Car

Automotive IoT and Automotive Grade Linux (AGL)

Securing Connected Cars Requires Digital Identity


Mobilizing Digital Identity

As vehicles become smarter and more connected, their technology relies on digital identity to personalize and secure the customer experience. For the fleet manager, insurance provider, consumer, and anyone else using a modern connected vehicle, knowing “who” can access “what” is essential.

The ForgeRock Identity Platform transforms the way organizations use telematics and in-vehicle infotainment systems to interact with their customers, providing personalized interaction, security, and privacy for millions of users and their connected vehicles.

Automotive Grade Linux

ForgeRock is a member of the Automotive Grade Linux group (AGL), an organization founded to produce a cost-effective, secure, open source baseline Linux platform for modern infotainment and other connected code-driven vehicle systems. Our vision is to authenticate users with the cloud-based ForgeRock identity service so vehicle owners, drivers, maintainers, and renters can have a highly personalized experience.

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Guide: Top 12 requirements for an IoT-ready identity platform

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White paper: Deploy a secure IoT architecture to support customer and industrial IoT use cases

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Case study: TomTom delivers an omnichannel experience from device to car

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Personalize the Connected Driver Experience

A personalized In-Vehicle Infotainment (IVI) experience dramatically improves the user experience for the driver. With digital identity, owners and approved drivers can securely log in and update a vehicle’s settings via a smartphone or website to adjust pre-sets for driver, vehicle performance settings, or get diagnostics and service alerts. On the infotainment side, you can load playlists, maps, and other media.

Connected Car Security

Secure vehicles from malicious hacking by those who look to exploit the lack of secure digital identity in the connected car. Connected vehicles have fallen prey to opportunistic hackers who exploit the lack of secure digital identity. The frequency and severity of IoT hacks and breaches highlights the need to protect connected vehicles.

  • Protect vehicles with a proven identity platform.
  • Provide remote access to vehicle, or limited access depending on user role (valet, mechanic).
  • Ensure only authorized users can access car data and telematics systems

Driving Toyota's Connected Car Experience

Satellite navigation systems, smart phones, applications, and online services are rapidly improving the everyday driving experience by transforming cars into sophisticated information hubs. Toyota Motor Europe is at the forefront of this revolution. Learn how they use ForgeRock to secure and personalize the connected car.

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Fleet Management

Being able to assign a digital identity to a fleet of connected vehicles means more information, improved maintenance, and better optimization of fleet usage. Fleet managers can pull diagnostics, get alerts, track vehicle activity, and allow different levels of access to the vehicle, depending on user role, all while ensuring their vehicles are digitally secure.

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Powering the Omnichannel Customer Experience at TomTom

Best known for being a global leader in navigation and mapping products, TomTom also creates GPS sports watches, as well as state-of-the-art fleet management solutions and industry-leading location-based products. Learn more about the TomTom identity project and how they are creating a better user experience with identity management.

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