Industrial Internet of Things

Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT)

Secure Edge Computing for Industry 4.0

Need Secure Edge Computing that Protects Industrial IoT?


Identity Enables Industry 4.0

Device manufacturers, hardware and software vendors, systems integrators, and in-house software architects are helping industrial organizations of all kinds leverage the internet of things (IoT).

Connected devices–from tiny sensors to massive wind turbines–are automating processes, helping organizations build innovative Industry 4.0 architectures. As much as the industrial internet of things (IIoT) can revolutionize manufacturing processes, plant operation, building automation systems, and machine-to machine-communication (M2M), it’s not without new security risks.

Data generated by these devices needs to be authenticated and protected. Incorrect information, whether accidental or malicious, can trigger undesired responses, compromising the integrity and availability of the whole system.

Edge security in industrial and automotive IoT

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Introducing ForgeRock Edge Security

ForgeRock addresses security issues by providing a platform to build trusted identity relationships. The ForgeRock Identity Platform brings carrier grade scalability, contextual security, and identity-enables IoT devices by securely connecting them to dynamic cloud deployments or on-premises systems.

ForgeRock Edge Security, a new set of capabilities coming to the ForgeRock Identity Platform™, can help:

  • Ensure trust in IoT devices and their communications by applying identity principles such as standards-based tokens, authentication, and authorization to IoT architectures.
  • Provide hardware root of trust on supported devices to ensure the integrity of devices at all times across their complete lifecycles.
  • Enable rich, policy based controls for managing subscriptions to IoT data, and translation of IoT protocols like MQTT and CoAP to standard HTTP and WebSockets.

The ForgeRock Edge Security Early Access Program

If you deploy IoT environments or design IoT hardware, software, or solutions, sign-up to participate in the ForgeRock Edge Security Early Access Program and get the latest information on how identity enables a new level of security for IoT.

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