Omnichannel Retailers
Know Their Customers

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Omnichannel Retail – Customers Shop Everywhere

What if you could have a single view of the customer, create a personalized experience, simplify operations – and do it all while addressing privacy concerns and regulations? Today’s customer expectations outpace the digital capabilities many retailers can provide within their current technology environments. Gartner predicts that more than 5.5 million connected devices will be added every day. (About 4,000 were added while your read this.)  How can retailers create experiences that align to the behaviors of the connected-consumer when they are constantly connecting to new things?

Retailers need to look toward something we already have – a unique identity.

Identify With Your Customers 

It is possible to create a single view of the customer. With ForgeRock, you can bring together data about buying habits and history across channels, from in store to online, across brands and business units, while securing who has access what types of data.

A digital identity platform can combine all the associated identities of users, devices and connected things, so every department and every employee can respond to customers with an understanding of who they are and how they’ve interacted with your business across platforms. By consolidating and utilizing the customer data collected at every purchase point, retailers can provide a truly personalized shopping experience on any platform, even in-store.

Customers Trust Brands That Protect Privacy

Omnichannel retailers will need to update their eCommerce infrastructure, including their identity and access management solutions, for the increasingly stringent data privacy regulatory environment. With compliance with the EU GDPR required by May 2018, organizations need new privacy tools to stay up to date.  

  • Implement a modern identity management platform that can help address customer data privacy regulations
  • Give customers control over who gets access to their personal data, for how long, and under what conditions with user-managed access
  • Power personalized digital services — like incentives based on recent purchases – that require access to personal data
Securely share customer retail data
How do emerging technology standards present opportunities for organizations to use improved privacy as a significant business driver?

The Internet of Things Needs Identity

Omnichannel retailers are taking advantage of IoT capabilities and infrastructure to create cool new customer experiences. But there needs to be a way to manage all of these devices. If companies can’t seamlessly connect users, devices, and things, it will be tough to build meaningful customer relationships.

  • Register connected devices, link them together, authorize and deauthorize their access to data, and apply policies that dictate security practices and personalization at massive scale
  • Roll out innovative new connected device services—like automatic reordering when a device senses depleted stock—that take advantage of user-friendly new technologies
  • Visualize complex identity relationships between users, devices, and services with relationship mapping tools

Secure Shopping

As increasing numbers of people and devices access the network, retailers need to re-evaluate how they protect their digital ecosystems. If customer data is hacked or breached, brand loyalty that took years to cultivate can be lost in seconds. Your identity management system plays a critical role in providing a secure shopping experience. With the ForgeRock Identity Platform, retailers are able to:

  • Use contextual cues like geolocation and device type to detect suspicious behavior, requiring an additional factor of authentication if necessary
  • Provide continuous security for connected users, devices, and services, verifying their authenticity and securing their interactions throughout the digital session
  • Improve security without increasing customer frustration with over 25 out-of-the-box authentication modules
  • Eliminate dependency on unreliable passwords with passwordless authentication