Digital Identity for Omnichannel Retail

How to Improve Customer Experiences

Digital Identity is the Key to Knowing Your Customer

Stand out by creating omnichannel retail customer experiences that are not only secure, but also personalized and consistent. No matter what channel a customer chooses–whether mobile, connected kiosk, or in-store–with ForgeRock, each customer’s digital identity is tied to their preferences and history with your brand. So you can give them whatever they’re looking for. 

58% of millennials are very concerned that their personal information could be stolen during transactions (Accenture)

Power the IoT and create seamless retail customer experiences
one identity with omnichannel retail

Create Engaging Omnichannel Retail Experiences 

Hey buddy! Today’s shoppers expect to be recognized like old friends. And they want the freedom to browse, shop, and buy in the most convenient way for them. That’s where we can help. ForgeRock’s approach to customer identity lets businesses deliver an omnichannel retail experience to every customer that walks through their digital door. 

  • Unify identity silos to provide a single view of the customer that is essential for personalizing interactions across channels 
  • Give customers a seamless, single view of the organization in-store, online, and across brands with federation and single sign-on access
  • Construct a unified customer profile that every employee can see when the customer interacts with the organization
  • Upsell and cross sell with personalized, targeted offerings based on customer behavior, preferences, location, time of day, etc. 

Customers Trust Brands That Protect Privacy

Omnichannel retailers will need to update their ecommerce infrastructure, including their identity and access management solutions, for the increasingly stringent data privacy regulatory environment. With less than a year and a half until compliance with the EU GDPR is required, organizations need new privacy tools to stay up to date.  

  • Implement a modern identity management platform that can help address customer data privacy regulations
  • Give customers control over who gets access to their personal data, for how long, and under what conditions with user-managed access
  • Power personalized digital services — like incentives based on recent purchases – that require access to personal data
Securely share customer retail data
How do emerging technology standards – User-Managed Access in particular – present opportunities for organizations to use improved privacy as a significant business driver?

The Internet of Things Needs Identity

Omnichannel retailers are taking advantage of IoT capabilities and infrastructure to create cool new customer experiences. But there needs to be a way to manage all of these devices. If companies can’t seamlessly connect users, devices, and things, it will be tough to build meaningful customer relationships.

  • Register connected devices, link them together, authorize and deauthorize their access to data, and apply policies that dictate security practices and personalization at massive scale
  • Roll out innovative new connected device services—like automatic reordering when a device senses depleted stock—that take advantage of user-friendly new technologies
Thanks to the integration with the existing Oracle SSO server and the federated SSO in ForgeRock Access Management, end-users can log in to the web and cloud applications with full transparency, and without credentials growing out of control”

Ruud Stroet, ICT Architect, Plus Retail  – Read the full case study

Secure Shopping

As increasing numbers of people and devices access the network, retailers need to re-evaluate how they protect their digital ecosystems. If customer data is hacked or breached, brand loyalty that took years to cultivate can be lost in seconds. Your identity management system plays a critical role in providing a secure shopping experience. With the ForgeRock Identity Platform, retailers are able to:

  • Use contextual cues like geolocation and device type to detect suspicious behavior, requiring an additional factor of authentication if necessary
  • Provide continuous security for connected users, devices, and services, verifying their authenticity and securing their interactions throughout the digital session
  • Improve security without increasing customer frustration with over 25 out-of-the-box authentication modules
  • Eliminate dependency on unreliable passwords with passwordless authentication

Our Digital Identity Solutions Cut Across Industries

Businesses designing products connected to the Internet, sometimes for the first time - like cars, medical devices, or security cameras - need to know who and what is accessing their products, and when and how. Done right, identity management not only keeps your customers safe, but also gives you the power to deliver a personalized experience, and build trusted relationships between you, your customers, and your digital products and services. We do this for customers across nearly every industry.