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Omnichannel Retail

What if you could have a single view of the customer, create a personalized experience, simplify operations – all while addressing privacy concerns and regulations?

Today’s customer expectations outpace the digital capabilities many retailers can provide within their current technology. Gartner predicts that more than 5.5 million connected devices will be added every day. (About 4,000 were added while your read this.)

With ForgeRock, you can combine data about buying habits and history across channels, from in store to online, across brands and business units, while securing the appropriate levels of internal access. Now retailers can provide a truly personalized shopping experience on any platform, even in-store.

Amer Sports presents at Identity Live on how they are using digital identity and the IoT to get ahead in an omnichannel retail market.

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Drive Superior Customer Experience Across All Channels

Customer Loyalty in the GDPR Era

Retail companies will need to update their eCommerce infrastructure, including their identity and access management solutions, for the increasingly stringent data privacy regulatory environment. With compliance with the EU GDPR required by May 2018, organizations need new privacy tools to stay up to date.

MyCustomer, in association with ForgeRock, polled 1,000 digital consumers in the U.K. to explore the connection between customer experience, trust, and personal data sharing.


IoT - Create Relationships in Retail

Omnichannel retailers are taking advantage of the internet of things to create connected customer experiences. Identity management makes this possible.

- Register and authenticate connected devices
- Incorporate sensors into inventory management
- Create relationships between customers and their devices