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Digital security was never easy, but at least it was straightforward. Whether through a firewall or security appliance, you set up a defensive perimeter and you kept threats out by assigning login and password credentials.

But now workers and customers are more mobile, using more devices and things online. And if you’re still relying on the old username and password, you’re begging to get ambushed.

ForgeRock provides continuous security not just at login, but throughout a digital session. The ForgeRock Identity Platform can respond to threats in context, asking for additional identity verification when something unusual takes place, like a resource request from an unfamiliar location or device.

We help retail, telecom, financial services, government entities, and more to verify not only who (or what) a user is, but also which services, applications, devices, and data they can access.

Learn how you can use the ForgeRock Mobile Authenticator App to add an extra factor of authentication to your digital ecosystem.

Our Digital Identity Solutions Cut Across Industries

Everything has a unique digital identity, from employees and customers to connected cars and drones. When you know who your users are and what they can do, you can cater to them and keep them safe. Check out our specific solutions to a variety of digital identity challenges.