Not your grandmother’s telecommunications

Read About Digital Trends in Telecom

Hold the phone! Don’t be held back with the wrong identity management platform. Whether it’s on-demand programming, internet services, bundled cable packages, mobile access, or a new digital initiative, the ForgeRock Identity Platform enables digital identity ecosystems to connect users to devices and digital services.

Our platform works in tandem with legacy infrastructure, and hits the massive scale that other identity products can only dream of. Today’s consumers and businesses expect functionality, immediacy, and privacy from their provider. The ForgeRock Identity Platform delivers, and helps telcos to create seamless, secure, personalized experiences that engage customers with targeted offers and interactions in real-time. So don’t touch that dial – we’ve got a better way!

“We don’t have to adjust our services to the product, the product adapts to our services.”  – Jens Sonnentruecker, Swisscom

Our Digital Identity Solutions Cut Across Industries

Businesses designing products connected to the Internet, sometimes for the first time - like cars, medical devices, or security cameras - need to know who and what is accessing their products, and when and how. Done right, identity management not only keeps your customers safe, but also gives you the power to deliver a personalized experience, and build trusted relationships between you, your customers, and your digital products and services. We do this for customers across nearly every industry.