ForgeRock Identity Management

Identity Management built from OpenIDM

ForgeRock Identity Management brings multiple sources of identity together for policy and workflow-based management that puts you in control of the data. Consume, transform, and feed data to external sources in order to maintain control over identity of users, devices and things.

A modern UI experience that allows you manage your data without writing a single line of code, while standard RESTful interfaces give you the ultimate in flexibility to develop as you see fit.

ForgeRock Identity Management Features

  • Identity Provisioning – Manage the registration and provisioning of users, devices, and things across multiple environments.
  • Self-Service – More streamlined customer experience.
  • Password Management – Ensure consistency across all applications and data stores.
  • Synchronization and Reconciliation – Provide consistent and accurate identity data that is available across all lines of business.
  • Developer Access – An open and well-documented access layer provides the user interfaces and public APIs.
  • Connection to the Cloud – Out-of-the-box user interface or the comprehensive REST API.

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