Tap the Power of Digital Identity in Media and Telecommunications

Mitigate risks caused by expanding threat surfaces, and grow your business through exceptional experiences

Harness the Advantage of Telco-Grade Digital Identity

Top priorities within the media and telecommunications industry include complex initiatives for connected services, internet of things (IoT) innovations, 5G private networks, and fiber-to-the-home (FTTH).

Leaders know that to succeed they need solutions that mitigate security risks, address demanding data regulations, and help attract and retain discerning, cost-conscious customers – all at telco-grade scale.

To ensure the success of important initiatives, leaders use ForgeRock digital identity to:

  • Prevent breaches, fraud, and ransomware
  • Drive profitability through experiences that attract and engage customers
  • Comply with data privacy, sovereignty, and portability mandates

Scaling to Success in Media and Telecommunications

Identity-Enabled Headless Architecture

Identity-Enabled Headless Architecture

Deliver Security and Experiences that Support Business Growth

Leverage Advanced Security

Leverage Advanced Security

Drive Profitability and Efficiency

Drive Profitability and Efficiency

Comply with Regulations

Comply with Regulations

Protect millions of customer, workforce, partner, and IoT identities with Zero Trust security across the organization. Use AI to secure critical network infrastructures, connected devices, and other end-points from unauthorized access and account takeover (ATO).

Acquire and retain customers with frictionless access and personalized omnichannel experiences that foster loyalty. Get a single view of the user to create customized user journeys and product offers. Support an efficient workforce culture by giving workers the right access they need, when they need it.

Ensure that customer data is collected, stored, transferred, and processed in compliance with data privacy regulations, such as GDPR, CDR, and CCPA, and data portability frameworks, including Cross Border Privacy Rules (CBPR).


Realize the Promise of a Single, Unified Identity Platform


The ForgeRock unified IAM platform is built to support customer, workforce, B2B, B2B2X, and IoT use cases at internet scale.


Use a single identity platform to modernize IT and protect everything from fiber and 5G networks, to Cloud services, smart TVs, VR headsets, beacons, and sensors. Utilize robust features to offer customized experiences across millions of identities and thousands of concurrent sessions with no downtime.

Modernize Legacy and Unlock Siloed Data

Build modern IAM experiences and security controls as you sunset your legacy systems. Unlock identity data stored in inflexible, siloed legacy environments to enable informed decision-making and a single view of the customer.

Learn About Legacy Modernization


Drive Customer Retention

Boost customer retention and engagement by delivering deeper personalization, customized omnichannel experiences, self-service, and authentication choices, such as passwordless. Offer unique access experiences for children and the digitally vulnerable.

Learn About Building Customer Experiences


Reduce the Need for Specialty IT Resources

Reduce dependence on identity and security specialists by using a single identity platform that offers no-code identity orchestration, SDKs, DevOps and microservices support, AI-powered threat-detection, and AI-driven governance automation.

Watch Interactive No-Code Orchestration Demos

Minimize the Risk Associated with IoT

As the number of IoT devices — smart TVs, VR headsets, beacons, sensors, and so on — increases, so does the threat surface. Most IoT devices are not adequately secured and can lead to "back door" breaches.

Attain security, visibility, and control over IoT devices, data, and relationships to streamline processes, innovate new services, and discover new revenue sources with a single platform.

  • Treat IoT identities as first-class citizens
  • Use no-code identity orchestration to include IoT in user journeys
  • Build relationships between human and IoT identities

Learn More About ForgeRock for IoT

Reduced Costs and Attain Extreme ROI

Media and telecom leaders are able to reduce costs significantly by using a single platform to modernize and extend legacy systems, connect siloed data, consolidate disparate IAM solutions, and reduce the need for specialty IT resources.

A recent study of ForgeRock customer identity and access management (CIAM) showed:

  • $8.1M in legacy environment savings
  • $23.9M contact center savings from reduced call volume
  • 400% increase in customer engagement

Read the Forrester Total Economic Impact of ForgeRock CIAM Study

Extend Services Using Pre-Built and Tested Partner Integrations

The ForgeRock Identity Platform includes pre-built and tested integrations from an extensive list of partners. The ForgeRock Trust Network is a collection of more than 120 leading technology companies specializing in strong authentication, identity proofing, biometrics, and fraud/risk mitigation.


Veriff specializes in AI-powered identity verification for identity fraud prevention, "Know Your Customer" compliance, and fast conversions of valuable customers.


Onfido's AI-based technology assesses whether a user's government-issued ID is genuine or fraudulent, and then compares it against the user's facial biometrics.


Sinch powers meaningful conversations at scale across messaging, voice, and email to help businesses deliver unified, personalized experiences that truly revolve around their customers.

Customer Stories

A Day in the Life of a Customer


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