Unlock the Power of Open Banking and Custom APIs

Build test and production APIs in weeks, not months or years

Accelerate Open Banking

Open Banking application programming interfaces (APIs) give banks opportunities to form new relationships with their customers. However, standing-up FAPI-compliant Open Banking and custom APIs is increasingly challenging and expensive.

The ForgeRock Secure API Gateway for Open Banking is an open-source solution that helps helps leading financial services organizations accelerate their API investments by:

  • Delivering Open Banking APIs in weeks
  • Leveraging custom APIs to drive revenue
  • Enforcing APIs with enterprise-grade identity and access management (IAM)

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Secure API Gateway for Open Banking

Deliver Open Banking and Custom APIs From One Framework


Accelerate API investments with an open-source Open Banking API test and production facility enforced by modern IAM to drive Open Banking compliance, adoption, and revenue.


The ForgeRock Secure API Gateway for Open Banking helps you achieve compliance with PSD2, FAPI specifications, and Open Banking API requirements, while growing your third-party provider (TPP) ecosystem at pace.

Hardwire Enterprise Security Across APIs

Leverage modern IAM to enforce FAPI-compliant Open Banking and custom APIs to achieve compliance and reduce both the risk and cost of fraud. Harness the comprehensive capabilities of the ForgeRock Identity Gateway to protect APIs from unauthenticated and unauthorized users, leveraging any standards-compliant identity provider.

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Leverage Industry-Leading IAM for Financial Services


Unlocking the power of digital identity and IAM modernisation helps you achieve compliance, reduce risks, and drive revenue across your growing financial services ecosystem. Purpose-built IAM helps you achieve these goals by delivering seamless, secure, and scalable customer access experiences, while driving ROI.

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Modernize IT Infrastructure at Your Pace


Managing your transition to the cloud can be challenging, risky, and expensive. Modern IAM is purpose-built and enables you to transition from your self-managed and hybrid IT deployments at your own pace. Consume the comprehensive features of the ForgeRock Identity Cloud to accelerate your digital transformation agenda.

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Deepen the Open Banking TPP Ecosystem

Deriving value from Open Banking and custom APIs is heavily dependent on access to a secure, scalable, and trusted third-party ecosystem. Integrating with each third-party provider, one-by-one, is too time-consuming and expensive to stay ahead of financial services innovation. Take advantage of the extensive ForgeRock Trust Network to get access to:

  • Leading biometric, risk-management, and identity proofing capabilities, out-of-the-box.
  • A wide range of pre-built and pre-tested integrations with innovative third-party providers.
  • A community of specialized IAM vendors and suppliers across the globe.

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Engage with the ForgeRock Community

The Open Banking and custom API revolution is continuing to push innovation across established financial services organizations, third-party providers, and software vendors. Keeping pace with developments while connecting with IAM experts is more important than ever. Join the ForgeRock Community to:

  • Learn about the latest developments in the world of digital identity.
  • Join discussions with IAM experts to learn more about the ForgeRock Identity Platform.
  • Keep abreast of the latest developments around the Secure API Gateway for Open Banking.

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Secure API Gateway for Open Banking GitHub

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