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Connected Services, Connected Citizens

Connecting your citizens

A unified portal to access all governmental services (renewing a license, paying a fine, filing taxes, or renew a passport) seems like a pipe-dream, but in some countries it’s already a reality and they are delivering on the promise of a speedy, simple, and secure digital government that scales.

That said, many government agencies still store and manage the data for all their disparate online services in separate silos. Citizens need to engage with each government agency separately, resulting in a disjointed user experience and delays in the deployment and adoption of new digital services. ForgeRock delivers identity and access management solutions to governments that streamline citizens’ access to these services and reduce costs for deploying new services.


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Citizen Focused Identity Management

Learn how to unify disparate digital services and provide citizens with simple, secure access


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Customer Story

Customer Success Story

Driver & Vehicle Standards Agency (DVSA) uses the ForgeRock Identity Platform to ensure road safety in the UK

Advantages of IAM for Digital Government include:

  • Quickly and efficiently add new digital services to the ForgeRock Identity Platform.

  • Bringing services to citizens through one access interface, improving adoption.

  • Provide a common platform across departments for reduced maintenance and cost.

  • Sharing valuable data across different departments, securely.

  • Using real-time context to make access and security decisions and to offer personalized services based on citizen needs and profiles.

  • Provides a single user overview across the agency.


Privacy and Profile Management Dashboard


Accelerate Deployment

New digital services can be quickly deployed as they plug into an existing identity management solution. Adoption from the constituency base accelerated as well.

Identity Management

Reducing Costs

Building (or buying) new identity solutions for each service can get expensive. A unified identity strategy delivers reduced costs, single support center, and reduces new project costs that come from delays in adopting new identity technologies.

ForgeRock Identity Platform

Improved Security

Governments can deliver services to citizens and businesses transparently while still maintaining a secure channel for transactions. The core infrastructure must be secured to ensure protect the identity of citizens and business as well as the services they use.

Security Solutions

Improving the Quality of Government Services with Citizen-Focused Identity Management

Many government agencies store and manage the data for their different online public services in separate silos that cannot communicate with one another. These legacy identity and access management systems cannot meet new government requirements for efficiency, security, and privacy. Governments should implement a citizen-focused IAM platform to unify disparate digital services and provide citizens with simple, secure access.

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Comply With Global Privacy Regulations

ForgeRock offers transparent privacy and consent solutions for maximizing market opportunities and building deeper customer trust.


Simplify Login for Easier Access to Information

This gives citizens easy access to all of the dedicated services they are eligible for.

Advanced Authentication

Prevent Fraud

To ensure a citizen is real, the best practice is to employ a two-layer strategy, starting with contextual information.

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