Identity Solutions for Governments in Europe, the Middle East, and Africa

ForgeRock helps citizens and Government employees simply and safely access public sector services while providing exceptional experiences across all channels.

Quickly Modernize IAM and IGA to Meet Today's Government Requirements

With the rise of security risks, online services, citizen and workforce user demands, and mandated initiatives, modernizing digital identity to provide exceptional digital experiences is an urgent priority for governments and agencies.

Unfortunately, most government agencies' identity and access management (IAM) solutions result in limited capabilities, siloed data, fragmented security, expensive maintenance, and less-than-ideal user experiences.

The complexities of today's governments and agencies require IAM technology that can seamlessly interoperate across ecosystems and provide secure access to citizens, workforce, and things at any touchpoint. What's needed is a comprehensive and flexible identity platform that can both work within current system environments and enable easy integration and migration from legacy systems while supporting any use case at scale. With ForgeRock, government organizations can do just that.

ForgeRock helps people safely and simply access the connected world by enabling exceptional digital experiences with no compromise on security.

Do Identity Your Way With the Most Comprehensive Leading Identity Platform

ForgeRock helps government agencies and organizations significantly improve and scale identity, governance, and access management with the industry's only full-suite, AI-driven platform purpose-built for all identities and use cases (citizens, employees, contractors, things). With ForgeRock, you can utilize the latest digital identity technologies to support your unique initiatives and meet not only today’s requirements, but also tomorrow’s.


Improve Governance With AI & ML

Reduce risk, costs, and labor by utilizing AI and ML to inform and automate identity governance and user lifecycles across the organization.


Support Privacy & Consent for Regulatory Compliance

Provide a centralized dashboard for citizens to manage their profile and privacy preferences while ensuring compliance with data privacy regulations.


Integrate & Interoperate Across Agencies

Integrate and consolidate systems to gain interoperability and gain a single view of a user across agencies and organizational boundaries.


Extend the Value of Legacy Investments

Extend the value of existing identity and security solutions with an identity gateway for a more integrated and manageable system-wide identity strategy.


Provide Superior Experiences

Give citizens, employees, and contractors seamless, secure access with usernameless and passwordless authentication, SSO, Federation, and more.


Secure Every One & Every Thing

Mitigate risk by securing IoT, microservices, APIs, adopting Zero Trust and CARTA security models, and implement MFA, such as Common Access Cards (CAC) and Personal Identity Verification (PIV) cards.


Leverage System Integrators, Technology Partners, & Resellers

Work with the top system integration partners, the largest technology partner network, and trusted resellers.


Deploy or Consume in Any Environment

Flexibly consume ForgeRock solutions within any environment (on-prem, cloud, hybrid, as a service).


Speed Transformation & Innovation

Accelerate digital transformation and innovation initiatives with Cloud, DevOps, microservices, SDKs, and the largest technology partner network.

Governments Across the Globe Trust ForgeRock


"When Norway first began offering online government services, all the agencies were trying to set up their own identification and authentication systems—each requiring their own resources and budgets to do so. By centralizing the authentication process on ForgeRock Access Management's flexible and open architecture, the Norwegian government is able to make the most of its resources."


TOR ALVIK, Chief Operating Officer, Norway's Agency for Public Management and eGoverment

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Deliver Superior Citizen Experiences at Scale

Today, governments worldwide are speeding their digital citizen access initiatives. Yet, legacy identity infrastructures consisting of multiple point solutions and vendor integrations are struggling to meet requirements, such as:

  • Secure web/mobile digital experience to millions of citizens
  • Give citizens the option to use the same single identity when they access various public portals
  • Comply with GDPR and other regulations
  • Support various levels of security credentials that are very different from one country to another

ForgeRock helps governments modernize, integrate, and streamline their legacy environments to meet today and tomorrow’s demands at scale with the industry’s leading civilian identity and access management (CIAM) platform. With ForgeRock, you can:

  • Support initiatives such as GOV.UK, FranceConnect, and SPID
  • Enable central identity hubs
  • Create custom authentication journeys using a no-code/low-code, drag and drop interface
  • Allow citizens to manage their consent, privacy, data sharing, and credentials
  • Enhance the citizen experience with progressive profiling
  • Use a central dashboard to monitor all user preferences

Read How France Uses ForgeRock to Improve Citizen Services


Fully Support National Digital Identity Initiatives

Governments globally are launching national digital identity initiatives designed to improve online access, security, and trust while reducing identity theft and fraud.

ForgeRock helps governments support national digital identity initiatives with:

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Identity and the Connected Car

Meet European Union eIDAS Requirements

To comply with the European Union’s Electronic Identification and Trust Services Regulation (eIDAS), countries within the EU must open and allow electronic identities to be used across international borders. To do this, government organizations need to embrace federated identity models.

ForgeRock is a scalable and flexible identity platform that provides the building blocks needed for digital government to function at scale while enabling eDIAS concepts via the industry’s most extensive network of integration partners.

Through this network, ForgeRock helps European governments, agencies, and local organizations embrace eIDAS principles by enabling secure and seamless integrations with:

  • Trusted services providers
  • Qualified e-signature providers
  • Advanced e-signature and certificate processes

With ForgeRock, government organizations can build a digital identity "hub" to improve citizen services, meet regulations, support eIDAS principles, and extend broadly to hundreds of different identity use cases.

Read How Norway Supports Its eGovernment Initiatives

The Smart City: Imagine All Your Citizen Services Seamlessly and Securely Connected

Today, governments must deliver secure digital services with speed and simplicity at scale. The ForgeRock Identity Platform enables all of the above and serves as a unified portal for workforce and citizen access to all government services, such as benefit management, license renewals, fine payments, tax filings, or passport applications.

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Simple, Secure Access for Government Employees, Colleagues, Contractors, and Partners

With risk increasing globally, governments are challenged with how to modernize their IT to support the growing needs of their internal employees, colleagues, contractors, and partners.

With ForgeRock, governments can address today and tomorrow’s risk landscape and ensure secure access for all users from any location, any time, and on any device with features such as:

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Meet Local and Regional Government Demands and Reduce Costs with Modern IAM and IGA

Unlike any time in history, central, state, and regional governments are experiencing unprecedented demand for digital services while simultaneously facing budget shortfalls. With ForgeRock, you can improve user experiences, increase efficiency, and reduce costs by quickly modernizing, consolidating, and integrating your legacy IAM systems, allowing you to cover any service demand, such as simple and complex access controls and comprehensive identity assurance. ForgeRock’s, easy-to-use, comprehensive identity platform is agnostic to deployment methodology and can be consumed or deployed within any environment (on premises, cloud, hybrid-cloud, as a service).

Governments worldwide use ForgeRock to:

Read How a French Government Agency Uses ForgeRock


Public Healthcare: Mitigate Risk While Adopting New Innovations to Improve Patient Outcomes

Public healthcare agencies and providers must consistently address a rapid pace of change and increasing risk while often navigating limited resources. At the same time, agencies and providers are setting forth digital transformation initiatives to enable electronic health record solutions, participate in multi-vertical healthcare ecosystems, adopt new connected technologies, and develop new patient care and engagement programs. Yet, most have complex, legacy environments and disparate systems incapable of supporting the security, integration, and agility required.

ForgeRock offers the industry’s only full-suite IAM and IGA platform designed with the flexibility to meet every use case (employees, patients, devices) at scale within any environment. With ForgeRock, you can quickly modernize your legacy systems to:

Learn More About ForgeRock Identity for Healthcare


Public Education: Modern Identity for Today’s Digital Learning Requirements

Within the past year, public education institutions have been forced to digitally transform at lightning speed in order to support online learning at scale. Yet, legacy environments struggle to support spikes in onboarding and adoption, user life-cycles, and integration with common tools, and multi-factor authentication (MFA) solutions.

ForgeRock's comprehensive identity platform is purpose-built to modernize legacy systems so you can meet today and tomorrow’s digital demands while alleviating overburdened IT resources and reducing costs. With ForgeRock, you can:

The ForgeRock platform is deployment methodology-agnostic, includes access to the industry’s largest technology partner network, and can be consumed or deployed within any environment (on premises, cloud, hybrid-cloud, as a service)

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