ForgeRock Identity for U.S. Government Organizations

Accelerate legacy system modernization to meet IAM and IGA requirements specific to United States governments and agencies.

Solution Brief

Modernize Government Identity Systems to Deliver Exceptional Experiences and No-Compromise Security

The world’s social and technological landscape is shifting at an unprecedented rate. Within this reality, governments, agencies, and public sector organizations within the United States are faced with several challenges:

  • Legacy systems and complex environments comprising numerous point solutions have created data, process, and communication silos, slowing government workforces
  • Citizens are demanding the same easy, personalized digital experiences they enjoy within the private sector
  • Cybercrime and cyber warfare are at an unrelenting, all-time high
  • New technologies such as AI and ML are pushing existing identity systems to their limit

Addressing all of the above relies heavily on modern identity and access management (IAM) and identity governance and administration (IGA) capabilities. With ForgeRock’s comprehensive suite of identity solutions and deployment options, you can quickly modernize, integrate, and consolidate legacy IAM and IGA systems to meet fast-evolving public sector trends and support digital transformation, innovation, and security requirements for all use cases (citizens, employees, contractors, things) as you need with ease. ForgeRock also helps expedite your cloud maturity by providing the scale and repeatability required to support the development of new applications and integration with legacy systems through modern IAM capabilities.

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Accelerate Digital Transformation with Industry-Leading IAM and IGA

ForgeRock helps government agencies and organizations significantly improve and scale identity, governance, and access management with a full-suite, AI-driven platform purpose-built for all identities and use cases (citizens, employees, contractors, things). With ForgeRock, you can utilize the latest digital identity technologies to support your unique initiatives and meet not only today’s requirements, but also tomorrow’s.


Improve Governance With AI & ML

Reduce risk and costs by utilizing AI and ML to inform and automate identity governance and user lifecycles across the organization.


Support Critical Guidelines & Standards

Gain full support for NIST, IAL, AAL, and FAL guidelines, such as NIST 800-63 A, 800-63 B, & 800-63 C, and Open Standards such as SAML, OAuth, FIDO2.


Integrate & Interoperate Across Agencies

Integrate and consolidate systems to gain interoperability and gain a single view of a user across agencies and organizational boundaries.


Extend the Value of Legacy Investments

Extend the value of existing identity and security solutions with an identity gateway for a more integrated and manageable system-wide identity strategy.


Provide Superior Experiences

Deliver seamless, personalized experiences for citizens, employees, and contractors while maintaining security.


Secure Every One & Every Thing

Mitigate risk by securing IoT, microservices, APIs, adopting Zero Trust and CARTA security models, and implement MFA, such as Common Access Cards (CAC) and Personal Identity Verification (PIV) cards.


Leverage the Top Integrators & Partners

Work with the top system integration partners, the largest technology partner network, and Carahsoft for GSA Schedule 70 and SEWP V contracts.


Deploy or Consume in Any Environment

Flexibly consume ForgeRock solutions within any environment (on-prem, cloud, hybrid, as a service). Deploy within FedRAMP Moderate and High, DoD Impact Level, IL 4, IL 5, and IL 6 environments.


Speed Transformation & Innovation

Accelerate digital transformation and innovation initiatives with Cloud, DevOps, microservices, SDKs, and the largest technology partner network.

U.S. Government Organizations Trust ForgeRock




“We’re looking at savings of up to $15 million over five to six years tied directly to the efficiencies gained from having modernized our IAM infrastructure leveraging the ForgeRock Identity Platform.”


Dave Fletcher, Chief Technology Officer, State of Utah


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U.S. Federal Government: Modern Digital Identity for Every Use Case

Within the U.S. Federal Government, today’s federal agencies are facing an inflection point. Federal workforce, contractor, and citizen demands are straining legacy identity systems and infrastructures consisting of multiple point solutions and vendor integrations. This environment also makes meeting requirements, such as NIST standards, challenging.

ForgeRock meets U.S. Federal Government requirements for today and tomorrow’s demands with a modern, full-suite identity solution purpose-built to help you:

Podcast: FICAM Drives an Imperative for Modernized IAM

United States Federal Government guidelines on implementing identity and access controls beyond traditional credential validation methods are giving agencies greater flexibility to improve security as well as user experience.  Those guidelines — part of the Federal Identity, Credential and Access Management (FICAM) policy — also help pave the path to modernizing how employees and citizens access government resources. 

Listen to this podcast to learn what you should look for in a digital identity platform to meet FICAM requirements. And, read more about how to modernize IAM within US federal government agencies to realize tangible benefits.


U.S. Civilian: Streamline and Modernize IAM and IGA

U.S. Civilian agencies are facing several challenges. These include:

  • Siloed environments consisting of legacy systems and disjointed technologies
  • The need to implement solutions that cannot currently be supported
  • Moving workloads to the cloud
  • Heavy identity governance and administration tools

With ForgeRock, Civilian agencies can modernize, integrate, and streamline their legacy environments to meet demands and support important initiatives. For example, ForgeRock allows you to:

ATARC Webinar: ForgeRock Demo for ATARC Zero-Trust-Lab


U.S. DoD and Intelligence Agencies: Unsurpassed Identity Technology for Today and Tomorrow

The lives of warfighters, civil servants, and civilians ride on the integrity of mission critical systems. The U.S. Department of Defense and the National Intelligence Agencies require a modern comprehensive identity platform to solve complex challenges that include warfighter biometrics, non-person entities, and environments that are siloed, TAC/D-DIL, or ashore/afloat.

As an identity innovation and market leader, ForgeRock supports simple and complex DOD and Intelligence use cases with capabilities such as:

On-Demand Webinar: Modernizing Identity for Dept of Defense Agencies


U.S. Federal Health IT: Modernize, Consolidate, and Integrate Systems for Better Care

Federal health IT has the mission critical duty to provide services not only to the military (current and former), but also to serve as a partner to civilian health and human services agencies. To accomplish this means compliance with regulations such as HIPAA, meeting NIST requirements, integrating with the latest medical software and technology, and much more. Yet, heavy governance point solutions, multiple siloed systems, and legacy environments make meeting these needs challenging.

ForgeRock helps federal health IT professionals address their obligations and embrace the latest healthcare technologies and practices at scale with the industry’s leading identity platform. With ForgeRock, you can:

Federal Health IT Solution Brief


U.S. State and Local: Meet Demands and Reduce Costs with Modern IAM and IGA

Unlike any time in history, state and local governments are experiencing unprecedented demand for digital services for things such as Medicare, Medicaid, SNAP, TANF, and Unemployment Insurance while simultaneously facing budget shortfalls.

With ForgeRock, you can improve citizen and workforce experiences, increase efficiency, and reduce costs by quickly modernizing, consolidating, and integrating your legacy IAM systems. This will allow you to cover the full gamut of service demands, such as simple and complex access controls and comprehensive identity assurance. ForgeRock’s, easy-to-use, comprehensive identity platform is agnostic to deployment methodology and can be consumed or deployed within any environment (on premises, cloud, hybrid-cloud, as a service).

U.S. State and Local Governments use ForgeRock to:


Read How the State of Texas Uses ForgeRock

StateScoop Podcast: IAM Modernization for State Governments

As states continue to promote online citizen services, CIOs see a growing need for a better way to manage user identity and access. Listen to this podcast and learn how modern IAM platforms can meet citizen digital demands for state and local government services.


Higher Education: Modern Identity for Today’s Digital Learning Requirements 

Within the past year, higher education institutions have been forced to digitally transform at lightning speed in order to support online learning at scale. Yet, higher ed legacy environments struggle to support omnichannel experiences, spikes in onboarding and adoption, user life-cycles, and integration with common tools, such as Banner and multi-factor authentication (MFA) solutions.

ForgeRock’s comprehensive identity platform is purpose-built to modernize legacy systems so you can meet today and tomorrow’s digital demands while alleviating overburdened IT resources and reducing costs. With ForgeRock, you can:

The ForgeRock platform is deployment methodology-agnostic, includes access to the industry’s largest technology partner network, and can be consumed or deployed within any environment (on premises, cloud, hybrid-cloud, as a service).

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