ForgeRock Identity for U.S. Government Organizations

To Achieve Zero Trust in Your Federal Agency, Start with Identity

Within the U.S. Federal Government, today’s agencies are at an inflection point. Federal workforce, contractor, and citizen demands are straining legacy identity systems and infrastructure. ForgeRock meets current and future U.S. Federal Government requirements with a modern, full-suite identity solution purpose-built to help you:

Deliver Secure Government Services with Modern IAM

Citizens are demanding secure and easy digital access to government services. Your agency needs to reduce the risk of cyberattacks and identity-related fraud. Accomplishing both requires a modern IT environment, which includes your identity and access management system.

Modernizing your legacy identity IAM will help you deliver public-facing services that are easier to use and navigate, while you continue to support some legacy mission-critical systems. It will also help secure your workforce whether they’re on-premises or working remotely.

Learn How to Modernize Legacy Identity

Deliver Secure Government Services with Modern IAM
Deploy in Any Environment

Deploy in Any Environment

Modern IAM needs to support any and all environments throughout the federal government. Modern IAM must deliver a consistent experience on-premises and in FedRAMP-certified cloud and hybrid IT environments.

Learn about Multi-Cloud Deployments

Deliver Excellent Citizen Services

Unifying government services under a single, secure access platform can increase digital adoption, reduce operational costs, and improve citizen satisfaction.

Learn About Customer IAM

Deliver Excellent Citizen Services
Secure Your Workforce with AI-Powered Identity Governance

Strengthen Identity Governance with AI-driven Analytics

Determining and controlling access levels and entitlements for every user, system, and application is the job of identity governance. Reviewing access rights periodically is increasingly critical for security and compliance, but it's a massive undertaking that cannot be effectively managed manually.

Many organizations are turning to artificial intelligence and machine learning (AI/ML) to identify and remove excessive entitlements and strengthen their governance posture.

No matter which identity governance solution your agency uses, you can reduce risk while speeding compliance by using a vendor-agnostic AI/ML-powered identity analytics solution like ForgeRock Autonomous Identity to automatically identify and assign appropriate access to workers and remove unnecessary roles and entitlements.

Learn about AI-powered identity lifecycle management

Future Proof Your Identity Strategy

Kelvin Brewer, Director for Public Sector Sales Engineering at ForgeRock, presents on what to look for when evaluating identity solutions.

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"We are positioned to give all of our users a much better user experience through the elimination of usernames and passwords. As well as reduce calls to our service desk for forgotten passwords."


Doug Neumann, IT Manager, US National Nuclear Security Administration, Department of Energy

ForgeRock Benefits

One Platform for Any Environment

ForgeRock is a full-suite, AI-powered IAM platform offering industry-leading identity management, access management, and identity governance.

Meet FICAM and Other Guidelines

The Federal Identity, Credential, and Access Management (FICAM) guidelines recommend ways to improve security and the user experience for employees and citizens accessing government resources. ForgeRock supports identity requirements for FICAM as well as NIST 800-63 (A, B, and C), NIST SP 800-207 Zero Trust Architecture, and other guidelines.

Deliver on Your Zero Trust Mission

The Executive Order on Improving the Nation’s Cybersecurity requires agencies to make rapid and significant progress on modernizing IAM. The Advanced Technology Academic Research Center (ATARC) Zero Trust Lab is a state-of-the-art physical and virtual test environment designed to provide U.S. Federal Agencies with the opportunity to build, test, and evaluate new Zero Trust Architectures in a simulated environment. Learn how ForgeRock delivers on five identity-related Zero Trust use cases in the ATARC Zero Trust lab.


How to Evaluate Identity Providers for Government & Public Sector

Get Expert Help With This IAM, ICAM, & FICAM Buyer's Checklist

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Improve the user experience to reduce risk, lower costs, and ensure equitable access

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Digital Identity: the Foundation of Your Zero Trust Strategy

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ForgeRock and NIST Special Publication 800-63-3

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