ForgeRock Identity for the U.S. Department of Defense and Intelligence Agencies

Deliver Zero Trust With Modern Identity

The lives of warfighters, civil servants, and civilians are dependent on a modern, comprehensive identity and access management (IAM) platform to solve the unique challenges of defense- and intelligence-related environments. These challenges include delivering access privileges, biometrics and securing non-human entities amid Denied, Disrupted, Interrupted, and Limited (DDIL) and low-bandwidth conditions.

ForgeRock meets current and future U.S. Federal Government requirements with a modern, full-suite identity solution purpose-built to help you:

Achieve the Most Secure Access Privileges

ForgeRock complies with FICAM and open standards, providing solutions for simple-to-complex defense and intelligence needs. Its microservices architecture handles DDIL communications in both high and low enclaves. It can operate with or without a network connection and sync when reconnected.

Access Privileges Are Most Secure With ForgeRock Identity Platform

Secure Access for Every Identity Type

Digital transformation requires secure access across legacy and modern environments for every identity type and use case including:

  • Warfighters
  • Civil servants
  • Contractors
  • Citizens
  • Non-person entities
  • DDIL

With ForgeRock you can modernize and secure your legacy applications, move to microservices architectures, and add more capabilities for strong authentication, risk and fraud management, identity proofing, and identity enrichment.

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Secure Access for Every Identity Type
Strengthen Identity Governance With AI-driven Analytics

Strengthen Identity Governance With AI-driven Analytics

Secure your personnel with AI-powered identity governance and establish security controls using zero trust principles.

Customize who can access appropriate resources based on personnel identity, instead of relying on blanket rules founded on outdated perimeter-based controls.

ForgeRock Autonomous Identity is an AI-powered identity lifecycle management solution that helps you meet audit and compliance requirements, reduce risk, and speed up compliance. It works with any identity governance solution to automatically eliminate overprovisioned accounts, identify and assign proper levels of access to personnel, and remove unnecessary roles and entitlements.

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Deploy in Any Environment

The most effective IAM solution increases the security of legacy systems while providing the flexibility to shift more workloads to the cloud, with minimum disruption.

Use ForgeRock to relocate workloads into any environment (on-premises, cloud, hybrid) with full DevSecOps support. Deploy within FedRAMP Moderate and High, and DoD Impact Level (IL) 2 to IL 6 environments.

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Deploy in Any Environment
Align with FICAM Architecture and Open Standards

Align With the Federal Identity, Credential, and Access Management (FICAM) Architecture and Open Standards

Identity is the foundation to implementing zero trust in defense and intelligence networks. Support the DoD Zero Trust Strategy, NIST, IAL, AAL, and FAL guidelines, NIST 800-63 A, 800-63 B, & 800-63 C, and open standards including SAML, OAuth, FIDO2.

Use X.509 certificate-based USB tokens and HSPD-12 Personal Identity Verification (PIV/CAC) cards for strong authentication flows. Take advantage of new technologies like WebAuthn and FIDO2 to authenticate easily on mobile and desktop devices.

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Future Proof Your Identity Strategy

Kelvin Brewer, Director for Public Sector Sales Engineering at ForgeRock, presents on what to look for when evaluating identity solutions.

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FICAM Capabilities and Strengths

ForgeRock enables exceptional digital experiences while adhering to the guidelines, policies, regulations, orders, and laws defined in the GSA FICAM Services Framework.

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