Accelerate Digital Transformation in Healthcare with ForgeRock Identity

Leverage industry-leading IAM and IGA to accelerate digital transformation in healthcare for better consumer experiences and engagement while reducing risk and costs.

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The healthcare industry is facing a confluence of high-stakes trends and challenges unlike any other in history. 

  • Employees, members, and patients are demanding easy access and personalized experiences.
  • Competition from high-tech organizations and startups is increasing.
  • The rapid adoption of IoT devices and things containing sensitive health data is increasing risk. 
  • Large-scale mergers and acquisitions (M&A) are creating complex, disparate system environments.
  • Cumbersome legacy systems and environments are challenged by new technological requirements, regulations and mandates, such as CCPA.

Addressing all of the above relies heavily on identity and access management (IAM) and identity governance and administration (IGA) capabilities. With ForgeRock’s comprehensive suite of identity solutions and deployment options, you can address fast-evolving healthcare industry trends and support digital transformation, innovation, and security requirements for all use cases (patients/members, employees, partners, and devices) as you need with ease.

Accelerate Your Healthcare Transformation and Innovation with Industry-Leading IAM and IGA


ForgeRock helps healthcare organizations significantly improve and scale identity, governance, and access management with the industry's only full-suite, AI-driven platform purpose-built for all identities and use cases (patients/members, employees, partners, and devices). With ForgeRock, you can utilize the latest digital identity technologies to support your unique healthcare transformation initiatives and meet not only today’s requirements, but also tomorrow’s.


Open Access With API Security

Securely share data and access across perimeters with API security, Identity Gateway, open standards, and federation.


Speed Transformation & Innovation

Accelerate digital transformation, innovation, and health ecosystem initiatives with Cloud, SDKs, DevOps, microservices, and the largest technology partner network.


Offer Privacy, Consent, & Data Sharing

Give users control over their data and privacy settings, and allow them to securely share access with third parties through the UMA standard.


Secure Every One & Every Thing

Mitigate risk by securing IoT, microservices, APIs, and by adopting Zero Trust and CARTA security models.


Improve Governance With AI & ML

Reduce risk and costs by utilizing AI and ML to inform and automate identity governance across the organization.


Modernize & Integrate Systems

Modernize legacy environments and integrate your applications, systems, and platforms (such as post-M&A) for the latest capabilities and a single view of the user organization-wide.


Scale to Meet Unlimited Demand

Easily handle spikes in traffic with availability and scale for hundreds of thousands of concurrent sessions and millions of users.

The Top Healthcare Industry Organizations Trust ForgeRock



“At Philips, we’re on a mission to improve people’s lives and to empower people to take better care of themselves and others. With ForgeRock, we are able to design innovative data-sharing and consent technologies into our HealthSuite Digital Platform that make it possible to foster consumer and patient trust.”


Jeroen Tas, Chief Innovation & Strategy Officer, Philips


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API Driven Transformation: Open Safely Into Healthcare Ecosystems with Unsurpassed API Security

Security is paramount within the healthcare industry. Yet, to meet demands and be relevant within today’s healthcare ecosystem, you must open your organization with apps and APIs. For example, some healthcare providers are allowing users to share their data directly with third-parties through shared services apps and APIs.

ForgeRock Identity Gateway allows you to securely open your organization to today’s broad healthcare ecosystem with the industry’s leading API security platform. 

ForgeRock is recognized by KuppingerCole as the overall Identity API Platform Market Leader in all categories including Product, Innovation, and Market Leadership.

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Improve Outcomes and Compliance with UMA and Privacy and Consent Mechanisms

Giving users the ability to share their data with third parties as well as to manage their own profile and privacy settings enables better healthcare outcomes and establishes trusted relationships. 

The ForgeRock Identity Platform utilizes the User-Managed Access (UMA) standard so you can to enable you to give users a convenient way to determine who and what gets access to personal data, for how long, and under what circumstances. 

Through a comprehensive, standards-based profile and privacy and consent management dashboard, users can manage their own profile details, the devices connected to their account, applications they have consented to connect to their account, how they choose to share data, and what personal data is shared with external databases, such as marketing automation platforms. 

ForgeRock’s privacy and consent management dashboard also addresses many other user requirements related to regulations, like GDPR and CCPA, such as giving users the ability to save their profile data locally and the right to delete their profile.

Learn More About Privacy and Consent

Webinar: Identity, Privacy & Consent. Critical Capabilities For Digital Transformation In Healthcare  

What is ForgeRock Autonomous Identity?

Unlock the Value of Your Existing Governance Investments with Autonomous Identity

Autonomous Identity is an AI-driven identity analytics solution that can be layered on top of, and integrated with, your existing identity governance and administration (IGA) solutions to provide real-time and continuous enterprise-wide user access visibility, control, and remediation. By leveraging machine learning techniques, the Autonomous Identity collects and analyzes identity data, such as accounts, roles, user activity, and entitlements, to identify security access and risk blind spots. 

Autonomous Identity provides healthcare organizations with wider and deeper insight into the risks associated with user access by providing enterprise-wide contextual insights, high-risk user access awareness, and remediation recommendations. For example, one of the largest healthcare retailers in the U.S. used ForgeRock Autonomous Identity to identify and automate the clean-up of 550,000 entitlement assignments across the organization.

Learn More About Autonomous Identity

Whitepaper: Maximize the Value of Healthcare Identity Solutions with AI-Driven Analytics

Join the ForgeRock Community and Gain a Healthcare Innovation Partner

ForgeRock invests significantly in the healthcare vertical and helps to drive innovation in this space. ForgeRock is involved with OpenID Foundation’s HEART (Health Relationship Trust) working group with Eve Maler, ForgeRock’s Chief Technology Officer, as its titular co-chair.

In addition, Eve is leveraged to assist in various healthcare research efforts with the most recent being prepared on behalf of the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services (HHS), Office of the National Coordinator for Health Information Technology (ONC).

ForgeRock is able to serve patients/members, employees, partners, and most particularly device identities. Additionally, ForgeRock is uniquely capable of managing the relationships between users and devices over time. This gives our customers assurance to manage device provenance in association with patient, member, and provider identities.


Differentiate Your Business with Innovative Healthcare Payer Ecosystems

To improve experiences and outcomes, as well as lower costs, healthcare payers are forming member-centered digital health ecosystems designed to orchestrate personalized, preventative, and coordinated care across healthcare verticals. Yet, the digital transformation and innovation required to develop future-proof health ecosystems challenges most payer environments consisting of disparate systems and heavy legacy solutions. 

What’s needed is a digital identity platform capable of modernizing and integrating systems organization-wide to enable the digital transformation and innovation healthcare payers require. 

ForgeRock offers the industry’s only full-suite IAM and IGA platform designed with the flexibility to meet every use case (patients/members, employees, partners, devices) at scale within any environment. With ForgeRock you can easily:

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Become a Life Sciences Disrupter by Enabling Faster Innovation and Superior Experiences

With technological advancements resulting in massive quantities of valuable health data, as well as the accelerated popularity of personalized, precision medicine, the life sciences industry has become a vanguard. To remain relevant within this fast-paced and competitive industry, life sciences organizations seek to increase their value and engagement with consumers, participants, and partners by providing exceptional experiences and services while maintaining security and compliance. 

To accomplish this, life science organizations are accelerating their digital transformation and innovation initiatives. Yet, the process is slowed due to complex, legacy environments and disparate systems incapable of providing the security, integration, and agility required. 

ForgeRock offers the industry’s only full-suite IAM and IGA platform designed with the flexibility to meet every use case (patients/members, employees, partners, devices) at scale within any environment. With ForgeRock, you can quickly modernize your legacy systems to: 

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Quickly Transform Healthcare Retail to Offer New Innovative Services

As the healthcare industry becomes more collaborative and competitive, healthcare retailers aim to increase their presence within healthcare ecosystems. As part of this, many are developing new consumer-focused services such as in-store health clinics, digital health and wellness programs, and other initiatives to increase engagement, loyalty, and business growth.

Unfortunately, most healthcare retailers are faced with challenges due to legacy systems that are siloed, have outdated security, poor scalability, and are not designed to support new offerings or data regulations. For healthcare retailers to accomplish their new goals requires organization-wide modernization and digital transformation. 

ForgeRock helps healthcare retailers digitally transform and innovate by offering the industry’s only full-service identity and access management (IAM) and identity governance and administration (IGA) platform that can be easily integrated with legacy systems to quickly modernize without needing to rip or replace. With ForgeRock, you can:

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Mitigate Risk While Adopting New Innovations to Improve Patient Outcomes

Healthcare providers must consistently address a rapid pace of change and increasing risk while often navigating limited resources, budget shortfalls, and mergers and acquisitions. At the same time, providers have launched digital transformation initiatives to enable them to participate in multi-vertical healthcare ecosystems, adopt new connected technologies, and develop new patient engagement initiatives. Yet, most providers have complex, legacy environments and disparate systems incapable of supporting the security, integration, and agility required. 

ForgeRock offers the industry’s only full-suite IAM and IGA platform designed with the flexibility to meet every use case (employees, patients/members, devices) at scale within any environment. With ForgeRock, you can quickly modernize your legacy systems to:

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Modernize Identity to Increase Your Healthcare ISV Competitive Advantage

Healthcare IT solutions are an integral part of the healthcare ecosystem. Today, independent software vendors (ISVs) are rapidly adopting technologies such as cloud, artificial intelligence (AI), machine learning (ML), and process automation to help healthcare payers, providers, retailers, and partners provide better services and outcomes. 

The healthcare ISV landscape is heavily regulated, extremely competitive, and fast evolving. Yet, most ISVs rely on legacy and homegrown IAM and IGA systems that struggle to support the latest technological requirements, trends, and regulations.

ForgeRock offers the industry’s only full-suite IAM and IGA platform designed with the flexibility to meet every use case (employees, patients/members, devices) at scale within any environment. As the industry’s most innovative and leading IAM and IGA provider, ForgeRock can help you modernize your identity systems to meet regulations and stay ahead of the competition while reducing costs. With ForgeRock, you can:

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“ForgeRock’s Identity management really is at the center of our business and the center of our technology infrastructure. Without identity management we’d have no way of securing, managing, and routing the millions of transactions occurring on our network every day. Since we’re in the healthcare market, it’s imperative that everything is secure and that we have a high level of confidence in identifying the individuals who are on our system and what they’re doing with it. Without an effective identity management strategy, our business would stop.”


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