Tap the Power of Digital Identity in Healthcare

Deliver superior healthcare experiences to improve profitability, security, and interoperability.

Differentiate Your Healthcare Organization

Healthcare organizations face many serious challenges, such as competition from well-funded new entrants, as well as the risk of breaches and fraud, and the complexity of legacy IT systems.

The ForgeRock enterprise-grade platform unifies identity and access management (IAM) with identity governance and administration (IGA) to help healthcare leaders:

  • Deliver experiences that engage customers and improve profitability
  • Build trust with modern security that reduces cyberattacks and fraud
  • Increase loyalty with innovative services that customers appreciate

5 Ways to Build Profit-Driving Digital Health Ecosystems

Deliver Security, Interoperability, and Experiences that Delight Customers

Retail-Like Experiences

Retail-Like Experiences

AI-Powered Security

AI-Powered Security


Use identity orchestration to create registration and login journeys that flow smoothly and feel familiar to your healthcare customers. Best of all, you can do it without writing a single line of code.

Protect healthcare data and customer privacy with advanced features — including AI-driven threat detection — that reduce breaches, fraud, and ransomware attacks and costs.

Choose a single solution to build your organization's future. Efficiently integrate with all systems while expanding your identity ecosystem to secure business partner and supplier (B2B) identities.


Realize the Promise of a Single, Unified Identity Platform


Healthcare leaders depend on ForgeRock to help grow their businesses, minimize risk, and deliver better digital experiences for consumers.


The ForgeRock unified IAM platform is built for customer, workforce, B2B, B2B2X, and internet of medical things (IoMT) use cases.

Modernize and integrate your disparate hybrid IT environments, and scale to manage and secure millions of customers, providers, employees, IoMT devices, services, third-party APIs, and all of their data — while enabling exceptional digital healthcare experiences and maintaining healthcare IT security and compliance.

Privacy and Compliance

The ForgeRock HIPAA-compliant identity platform supports Joint Commissions, HIPAA, NIST 800-63, HITECH, CCPA, and CMS interoperability mandates per the 21st Century Cures Act. Give customers control over their data based on the User-Managed Access (UMA) standard.


EPIC and Cerner Connectors

Seamlessly integrate your healthcare platform to external resources such as LDAP, Active Directory, and Directory Services, so they can be securely and centrally managed by the ForgeRock identity platform.


Deployment Flexibility

Deploy the ForgeRock identity platform your way, on your time, with flexible deployment options: on premises, private cloud, public cloud, hybrid, or as-a-service.

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IoMT Security and Relationship Management

As part of improving healthcare experiences and care outcomes, the adoption of IoMT, such as remote patient monitoring (RPM) devices, is growing exponentially.

ForgeRock Edge Security enables you to extend your healthcare IT security to include IoMT so you can safely build IoMT innovations into your digital healthcare experiences. You can also map and manage the relationships between devices and humans.

  • Centrally manage IoMT device identities
  • View and manage which users are assigned to a device (such as doctors and patients)
  • Secure runtime access (people, APIs, and other devices) to IoMT devices and data

Learn more about ForgeRock for IoT

Reduced Costs

Healthcare executives seek increased efficiency and reduced costs. ForgeRock helps increase healthcare workforce and partner productivity with capabilities such as single sign-on (SSO), a single view of the user (including cross-organizationally), and no-code identity orchestration. Savings are also realized through a reduction in breaches, fraud, and ransomware.

Healthcare enterprises may realize additional return on investment (ROI), such as those reported in a recent study of ForgeRock customer identity and access management (CIAM):

  • $8.1M in legacy environment savings
  • $23.9M contact center savings from reduced call volume
  • 400% increase in customer engagement

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Extend Services Using Pre-Built and Tested Partner Integrations

The ForgeRock identity platform includes pre-built and tested integrations from an extensive list of partners. The ForgeRock Trust Network is a collection of more than 200 leading technology companies specializing in strong authentication, identity proofing, biometrics, and fraud/risk mitigation.

Duo Security

Duo Security, now part of Cisco, is the leading provider of Unified Access Security (UAS) and multi-factor authentication. Duo's Zero Trust security platform, Duo Beyond, enables organizations to provide trusted access to all of their critical applications — for any user, from anywhere, and with any device.


Twilio enables companies to use communications and data to add intelligence and security to every step of the customer journey, from sales to marketing to growth, customer service, and many more engagement use cases in a flexible, programmatic way.


Onfido's AI-based technology assesses whether a user's government-issued ID is genuine or fraudulent, and then compares it against the user's facial biometrics. Onfido helps end users bring their Physical Identities to the Digital World, providing its customers with a higher level of assurance of their end users.


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