Modern IAM for the Insurance Industry

ForgeRock helps you modernize IAM to meet your goals for every identity and use case: consumers, workforce, things.

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"ForgeRock not only enables us to transform our customers' journeys today but also the flexibility to change as the Industry moves to more of an ecosystem model in the coming years"

Chris Worle, Chief Digital Officer, Hargreaves Lansdown


Modernize IAM to Achieve Digital Transformation

High user expectations for personalized customer journeys using digital services, apps, devices, IoT ‘things’, and integrations with third-parties are driving rapid transformation within the insurance industry. To deliver this means securely supporting a multi-channel business approach, omnichannel experiences, open APIs, and IoT things while meeting regulation and compliance requirements. 

Unfortunately, most insurance organizations’ homegrown and legacy identity and access management (IAM) results in limited capabilities, siloed data, fragmented security, expensive maintenance, and less-than-ideal customer journeys and user experiences. To remain relevant in the insurance business, the time has come to access the future.

ForgeRock is a modern and comprehensive IAM platform. It is purpose-built to support digital transformation according to your needs and scale. The ForgeRock Identity Platform supports multiple types of identities  (consumers, workforce, and things) and many use cases. Importantly, ForgeRock also makes it easy to extend, migrate, and modernize legacy IAM. With ForgeRock, the future is easily yours to harness.

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Deliver Exceptional Experiences with a Single View of the User

As with all service industries today, customer journeys and experiences for insurance must be flawless and personalized. Yet, a major barrier to accomplishing this is disparate systems and data silos.

With ForgeRock you can link user data across systems and services and eliminate data silos. ForgeRock also enables you to manage the relationship between a person, their devices, their connected things, and all the services they use into the same, consolidated single user profile. From consolidating digital patient records to better knowing how to serve your insurers, this complete, single view of the user is necessary to deliver the personalized, omnichannel experiences and services that users demand, while also better protecting their identity and data across channels.

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Create Custom Authentication Journeys with Easy-to-Use Capabilities

Exceptional user experiences begin with exceptional authentication. With a centralized access orchestration design interface, ForgeRock Intelligent Access makes building dynamic authentication journeys for your consumers and workforce easy without sacrificing security. 

Intelligent Access is based on visual, drag-and-drop authentication trees, enabling you to easily configure, measure, and adjust login journeys using a variety of methods including out-of-the-box, existing, and custom authenticators. Rich digital signals such as device, contextual, behavioral, user choice, analytics, and risk-based factors support Zero Trust and Continuous Adaptive Risk and Trust Assessment (CARTA) security models.

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Open to New Business with Unsurpassed API Security

Security is paramount within the insurance industry. Yet, to meet demands and be relevant within today’s business environment, you must open your business with apps and APIs. For example, some auto insurance companies are opening claims and communicating directly with auto repair shops through shared services apps and APIs.

ForgeRock Identity Gateway allows you to do just that with the industry’s leading API security platform. 

ForgeRock is recognized by KuppingerCole as the overall Identity API Platform Market Leader in all categories including Product, Innovation, and Market Leadership.

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"We selected ForgeRock as our IAM technology partner because of their success in delivering the ForgeRock Identity Platform in an easy-to-deploy, highly scalable approach to enterprise, cloud, and mobile environments. To us, ForgeRock understood what it meant to create a modern, best-in-class web experience for our large and exceedingly diverse customer base."


Greg Kalinsky, Senior Vice President and Chief Information Officer, GEICO


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Foster Trust and Meet Regulatory and Privacy Requirements

Regulations such as the Payment Services Directive (PSD2), the Open Banking Initiative, E.U. General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), The Digital Healthcare Act, the Consumer Data Right Act (CDR), and the California Consumer Privacy Act (CCPA) have reshaped how the insurance industry does business. 

The ForgeRock Identity Platform is designed to support regulations at scale with robust privacy and consent controls to facilitate compliance while enabling third-party data sharing to create value-added services.

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