Unlock the Power of Digital Identity in Manufacturing

The ForgeRock Identity Platform helps customers, workforce, suppliers, partners, and IoT things safely and simply access the connected manufacturing ecosystem.

Optimize Your Manufacturing Ecosystem and Get Ahead of the Competition

Manufacturing is changing at an unprecedented scale. Economic nationalism is driving change across manufacturing ecosystems. Digital transformation is fuelling an explosion in non-human identities, including consumer and industrial IoT. Manufacturers are investing heavily in direct-to-customer relationships. Meanwhile, the risks posed by emerging cybersecurity threats continue to grow.

Anchoring a comprehensive digital identity strategy at the heart of digital transformation can help modernize your connected manufacturing system, drive direct-to-customer relationships, and secure smart manufacturing.

ForgeRock helps you:

  • Build up a single consistent view of workforce, supplier, and partner identities
  • Deliver truly transformational, delightful, secure, and trusted customer experiences
  • Secure non-human assets, monetize IoT, and drive direct-to-customer revenue

Drive Manufacturing Ecosystem Agility and Visibility


Manufacturing supply chains are in a state of flux. De-globalization is driving regionalization, in addition to increasing focus on business agility. Your competitors are rapidly expanding their engagement with upstream partners in a bid to monetize value-added services. Managing an extensive identity fabric across your ecosystem is expensive, slow, and fraught with risks.

Manual identity governance and administration (IGA) solutions can no longer keep up with the expansion of your manufacturing ecosystem, creating avoidable risks and costs. ForgeRock's Autonomous Identity enables you to:

  • Accelerate secure access for your suppliers, partners, and workforce
  • Automate high-confidence access requests across your ecosystem
  • Mitigate access certification rubber-stamping to reduce costs
  • Automate identity governance across your suppliers, partners, and workforce
  • Eliminate entitlement creep to mitigate the risk of breach

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Build Customer Loyalty Through Direct-to-Customer Relationships

Manufacturers continue to invest heavily in building direct-to-customer relationships. Delivering secure, seamless, and personalized omnichannel experiences directly to your customers is no longer a nice-to-have. Monetizing these relationships can drive loyalty and revenue, while keeping you ahead of the competition.

ForgeRock's industry-leading customer identity and access management (CIAM) solution enables you to:

  • Securely identify and engage customers at the right time, on whatever device, application, or service they're using
  • Consolidate data silos to create a single view of the customer
  • Allow customers to control who gets access to their personal information
  • Reduce friction at account registration
  • Deliver seamless authentication experiences
  • Eliminate passwords and usernames
  • Give customers the capability to self-manage password resets

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Create Trusted Relationships Between Devices, Systems, Data, and People

Digital transformation in manufacturing has led to an explosion of non-human identities consisting of consumer and industrial IoT. Securely connecting IoT with your systems, data, and people can help you drive direct-to-customer relationships and optimize your manufacturing operations. Securing your IoT can mitigate emergent cybersecurity threats and risks.

ForgeRock helps you to leverage non-human identities and IoT by:

  • Securing offline and constrained devices against cyber threats, wherever they reside
  • Automating how non-human identities are registered and eliminating the need for human intervention
  • Easily integrating IoT authentication flows into your business applications, giving you real-time device visibility across the manufacturing ecosystem
  • Utilizing IoT devices to offer personalization and enabling the monetization of new value-added offerings

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