Unlock the Power of Digital Identity for Retail

Leverage the industry's leading IAM platform to improve customer retention, increase revenue, and drive brand loyalty across multiple channels and brands.

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Delight Your Customers and Get Ahead of Your Competition

The retail industry is changing at an unprecedented scale. Customers are demanding better omnichannel experiences, personalization and more control over their data. Retailers are investing heavily in digital transformation hoping to keep ahead of the competition. Meanwhile, customers are more willing than ever to abandon their buying journeys and to switch brand loyalty.

Anchoring a comprehensive digital identity strategy at the heart of digital transformation can help retailers acquire customers faster, deliver great omnichannel experiences across multiple channels and brands, and mitigate ever-increasing risks and fraud. The ForgeRock Identity Platform helps retailers:

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Unify Customer Identity in Retail

Mobile, social, offline, online, in store, in app — there are more ways for your customers to interact with your products and services than ever before. This also means there is more to manage.

ForgeRock's industry-leading customer identity and access management (CIAM) solution enables you to:

  • Securely identify and engage customers at the right time, on whatever device, app, or service they're using.
  • Consolidate data silos to create a single view of the customer.
  • Reduce friction at account registration.
  • Deliver seamless authentication experiences.
  • Eliminate passwords and usernames.
  • Give customers the capability to self-manage password resets.

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Maintain Privacy and Build Trusted Relationships

Personal digital data is precious. Ensuring and protecting privacy is how you win the customer trust race.

With the ForgeRock Identity Platform, you can secure the user experience on any device, and tailor it to your customers' data-sharing preferences.

Additionally, with ForgeRock, you can give customers control over their data with an easy-to-use privacy and consent dashboard.

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Build Customer Loyalty and Align with GDPR

Retail companies need to update their eCommerce infrastructure, including their identity and access management solutions, for the increasingly stringent data privacy regulatory environment. To be in compliance with the GDPR and other regulations, organizations need modern IAM.

ForgeRock helps retail companies comply with regulations by:

  • Providing customers with consent based capabilities.
  • Unifying customer identity across multiple stores.
  • Protecting Personal Identifiable Information (PII) through pseudo anonymization, encryption and other techniques.
  • Addressing GDPR data residency and data sovereignty requirements.

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Leverage IoT to Drive Personalization and Monetization

Digital transformation has created new opportunities to develop trusted relationships between customers, retailers, systems, devices, and data. Taking advantage of the explosion in the Internet of Things (IoT) technologies can help retailers deliver improved omnichannel experiences, identify how customers are using their products, and monetize these relationships to generate new revenue streams. Despite this trend, IoT devices remain largely unsecured, creating material security risks for retailers seeking to leverage cutting-edge technology.

ForgeRock helps retail companies utilize IoT to:

  • Secure all IoT devices against cyber threats wherever they reside: internet connected, offline or in hard-to-reach locations such as warehouses or factory floors.
  • Automate retail processes and make store environments more efficient with zero-tech self-registration of IoT devices and policy-driven authentication and authorization.
  • Manage the relationship between consumer users and their IoT devices to offer personalization and potential new revenue streams or services.

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