ForgeRock’s open platform offers the most digital identity integration options of any provider. We equip you with all you need to do identity your way.

Standards Support

No one wants to invest a lot of time and money in an infrastructure that does not play well with others, creates vendor lock-in, and has the potential to become obsolete. You want a foundation that is known, tested, and easily available.

ForgeRock understands the needs of today’s organizations and takes a proactive approach to industry open standards adoption. In fact, ForgeRock is often the first digital identity provider to support standards, such as User Managed Access (UMA) and the OpenID Foundation’s FAPI (Financial-Grade API). Additionally, ForgeRock is an active participant in many standards development bodies, helping to innovate standards so you can meet tomorrow’s demands.

Learn More About Open Standards

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    User-Managed Access

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Powerful Connector Framework

The ForgeRock Identity Platform data connectors are a standardized, out-of-the-box way to connect and integrate third-party identity repositories, such as HR databases, directories, files, and XaaS providers. They are also community driven, with a catalogue of contributions available online.

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Social Registration and Login

Social registration and authentication allows users to register and authenticate quickly and easily using their existing information from a social networking service. With ForgeRock, you can:

  • Utilize popular social identity providers

  • Link data across multiple social profiles for a single view of the customer

  • Provide one-click registration across a range of platforms using open standards

Learn More About Social Login

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    Microsoft Live

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Agents, Microservices, and Proxy

The ability to enforce policy in applications and services of all types is a strength of the ForgeRock Identity Platform. ForgeRock ships with a large variety of policy agents to implement policy on traditional applications and services. With ForgeRock Identity Gateway, you can enforce policy across APIs, IoT, and non-identity-aware applications. You can also extend our identity intelligence to modern cloud native applications with microservices. 

ForgeRock offers a wide variety of tools to address many applications, services, and APIs. Regardless of the application type, ForgeRock has the tool set to extend identity to any edge.

APIs and SDKs

Application Programming Interfaces

One of the unique features of the ForgeRock Identity Platform is that all components of the platform share a single, easy-to-use RESTful web API, known as ForgeRock common REST API (CREST). This common API makes it easy for implementers and deployers of the ForgeRock Identity Platform to solve business-critical identity management-related problems quickly, avoiding the need for developers to learn more complex Java APIs.

Software Development Kits

ForgeRock offers SDKs for iOS, Android, and JavaScript to expose core ForgeRock identity and access management (IAM) functionality and enable ease of use, data collection, and security best practices for developers. 

The SDKs are built to eliminate rote operations of token exchange in order to securely store key material on a device, manage interactions with intelligent user journeys, and extract the security posture of the device to inject into authentication or registration journeys. 

The SDKs react to changes on the server side in real time. You can easily and quickly update user journeys on the server. Applications are immediately updated within the new journey without the need to redeploy the application.

ForgeRock APIs and SDKs