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The Internet of Things (IoT) affects industries and consumers as connected devices streamline business processes and add new revenue streams for global organizations

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What Is Identity in IoT?

By creating strong, trusted relationships between devices, systems, data, and people, organizations can introduce more personalized, automated, and enhanced experiences for customers and generate new revenue streams. For example, the move to New Mobility services in the automotive industry puts people at the center. 

It’s no longer just about vehicle performance, physical features, or design. The industry is now focusing on how people prefer to get from one place to another, factoring in cost, time, and convenience. New revenue streams can be generated by monetizing direct and brokered digital services. 

However, sustaining these newly emerging business models requires that all industries and organizations focus on data security and privacy for users. People want control of their own data and the ability to determine who and what gets access to their personal information, for how long, and under what circumstances.

How IoT Will Change Business

The Internet of Things (IoT) is reshaping almost every industry, from manufacturing and transportation to home automation, telecommunications, and healthcare. By connecting devices with systems, data, and people, you can introduce more personalized, automated, and enhanced experiences for your customers.  

The move to IoT involves more than simply adding connectivity to devices. A “thing” can be a service, system, application, or data source — anything that interacts with a human operator or organization. These things communicate via cloud, mobile, social, and legacy platforms to request or provide information, send commands, and help manage complex automated processes. In fact, many emerging business models will drive more revenue through these IoT-enabled services than through the products that deliver them. 

As the web of connectivity grows more extensive and complex, critical questions emerge: 

  • How will we manage access to all these things and the information they hold? 

  • How will we control which people or devices are allowed to do what, with what? 

  • How will we secure the ecosystem as a whole?  

The best time to consider these questions is at the beginning of your IoT transformation, before growth and complexity make them exponentially more challenging to address.


IoT Edge

The ForgeRock IoT Edge solution uses secure, standards-based tokens instead of hard-coded usernames, passwords, or thousands of individual PKI certificates. It enables customers and partners to build industry-specific solutions with additional functionality, and ultimately drive higher levels of interoperability. The ForgeRock IoT Edge solution and SDK are available as open source software under the Apache 2.0 license.

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Auto and Smart Mobility

As vehicles become smarter and more connected, the underlying technology relies on digital identity to personalize and secure the customer experience. For fleet managers, insurance providers, consumers, and anyone else using a connected vehicle, it is essential to know — and trust — “who” can access “what.”

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Smart World. Smart City.

Leading organizations choose ForgeRock to provide digital identity for the internet of things (IoT), whenever and wherever they need to connect users, devices, and things — whether it’s customer-facing, industrial, citizen, employee, or patient solutions.

Smart World. Smart Healthcare.

With the ForgeRock Identity Platform, you can create digital identities for all your patients. That means you can partner with patients to collect data from applications, wearables, and digital health services.  



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