IoT and Edge Security

Get security, visibility, and control over your Internet of Things (IoT) devices and data to streamline processes, innovate new services, and discover new revenue sources.

Power Your IoT with Identity

IoT is everywhere, and leading organizations are taking advantage of this technology to improve operational efficiencies, strengthen security, and connect to their users in new and creative ways. Understanding that IoT is just another identity type, like consumer or workforce users, is critical to achieving business objectives. If you take the right approach to IoT, you can:

  • Manage all identities with a single platform
  • Innovate new services and outreach
  • Improve operational efficiencies

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Bring Order and Security to Your IoT Management


ForgeRock helps you maximize your IoT strategies with a single management point for all your connected thing identities and their relationships between users and application services.


ForgeRock helps you understand what IoT things you have and gives them identities, including devices at the edge, where access is most crucial. Managing these IoT things alongside your human identities opens up a new world of possibilities for your business

Leverage a Single View of Identity

Improve security and effectively set up your devices to become non-human workers. IoT devices need to be managed as “first-class citizens,” just like your human identities. With ForgeRock, they can be fully known to your organization, registered, and managed throughout their entire lifecycle journey. When you do this, you gain visibility into all your identities and can apply consistent access policies across the entire enterprise – from the core to the edge – regardless of identity type.

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Use Analytics to Build User Services

When IoT devices are securely tied to human users, they open up worlds of new service possibilities. ForgeRock enables you to map and manage the relationships between users, connected things, and application services. Build graphs and dashboards that bring data across users, their devices, and services to life. With rich analytics, user preferences, communications and location data, user-aware IoT networks deliver real-time services tailor-made to user needs.

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Easily Orchestrate IoT Journeys

Just as you would never let an unknown human user onto your network, so too should you never let an unknown IoT device log in without knowing exactly what the device is and how it should behave. Your identity and access management (IAM) solution should be the tool that ensures this doesn't happen. With ForgeRock, you can add IoT identities securely to your organization, without IT intervention. Design onboarding journeys for your devices that get them into production quickly and securely, with total visibility across your enterprise.

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Drive Business Change and Innovation

By getting IoT in the hands of your users, you can transform your businesses. Traditional one-time transactions with customers can be turned into “as a service” offerings once the device and the end user of that device are known. For your consumers, this means you have two-way communication, where users share their preferences, feedback, analytics, location, and more. This allows you to customize service offerings in a way that differentiates you from the competition and builds loyalty.

  • Onboard and assign identities to IoT devices with zero-touch automation
  • Manage the relationships between people, IoT devices, and services
  • Deliver new business models with personalized content
  • Develop new streams of revenue and brand loyalty

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Improve Operational Efficiencies

IoT devices are the new workers. They process data, handle repetitive tasks, even use artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML) to make decisions. But to gain confidence in these robotic processes and autonomous devices, you must first secure them. They must be assigned identities, and their life cycles should be viewed and managed right alongside your human users to have the complete picture of what is going on. These capabilities open a new world of operational efficiency.

  • Control which devices are allowed to do what and when
  • Understand the device-human owner relationship for better business intelligence
  • Support remote and offline devices with the same robust security as connected devices
  • View and manage all of your identities, human and thing, with a single dashboard


Leading Organizations Choose ForgeRock

Smart World. Smart Healthcare.

With the ForgeRock Identity Platform, you can create digital identities for all your patients. That means you can partner with patients to collect data from applications, wearables, and digital health services.

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