Harness the Power of Digital Identity for Governments and the Public Sector

Deliver digital services for citizens and residents at scale with the ForgeRock Identity Platform

Deliver Simple and Secure Digital Services

CIAM, or Customer and Citizen Identity and Access Management, guarantees secure access to online government services for people.

An effective CIAM implementation provides users with consistent and secure options for signing up for and logging into government services, including access from mobile devices. CIAM also requires a platform that scales to support millions of concurrent logins.

  • Offer adaptive multi-factor authentication (MFA) to secure user accounts
  • Incorporate fraud detection solutions to prevent unauthorized access by bad actors and keep sensitive information secure
  • Implement modern IAM for all applications, including homegrown, legacy, and SaaS

Learn about citizen and customer identity and access management (CIAM)

Secure the Government Workforce

Passwordless authentication, single sign-on, multi-factor authentication, and contextual authorization are key components of workforce access management (AM). Granting access based on a user's identity and security posture is foundational to supporting Zero Trust requirements.

AM also allows you to provide secure access to agency partners, contractors, and service providers using federated identity technologies. Authorized users gain easy and secure access. Organizations increase security, reduce IT costs, and improve compliance.

  • Secure access to sensitive data
  • Comply with data protection and privacy regulations
  • Reduce operational costs

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A Unified Workforce Solution

The ForgeRock Identity Platform Supports All Identities and Use Cases




IAM for Hybrid IT Environments


Proven Standards Implementations

Scale out as needed – the platform supports billions of users and 100 million authentications per hour.

Unify and secure all digital identities in a hybrid IT environment. Deploy ForgeRock where you need it: private cloud, public cloud, or a combination.

OpenID Connect, OAuth 2.0, SAML, and FIDO2 are critical standards that agencies need to support for expanding citizen and resident access to digital government services.

Speed Digital Transformation with Modern Identity

Improve and scale your organization's identity management, identity governance, and access management. Support all identities and use cases for citizens, employees, and internet-connected things. Modernize even legacy systems with the latest in digital identity technologies to improve performance and security today and into the future.

Improve Governance With Artificial Intelligence

Inform and automate your identity governance and lifecycle management practices using artificial intelligence and machine learning.

Support Privacy & Consent for Regulatory Compliance

Provide a centralized dashboard for citizens to manage their profile and privacy preferences while ensuring compliance with data privacy regulations.

Support Critical Guidelines & Open Standards

Gain full support for guidelines and Open Standards such as SAML, OAuth, FIDO2.

Modernize IAM to Integrate & Interoperate Across Agencies

Integrate and consolidate systems with Modern IAM. Gain interoperability and a single view of users across agencies and organizational boundaries.

Bridge the Gap Between Your Edge and the Cloud

Extend the value of your existing solutions while continuing to modernize. Connect your legacy backend systems to the cloud fluidly and securely, with ForgeRock's advanced Identity Gateway.

Provide Superior Experiences

Give citizens, employees, and contractors seamless, secure access with usernameless and passwordless authentication, SSO, Federation, and more.

Elevate Security and the User Experience for All

Achieve Zero Trust for consumers, workforce, and IoT devices.

Leverage Integrators, Partners, & Resellers

Work with the top system integration partners, the largest technology partner network, and trusted resellers.


Deploy or Consume in Any Environment

Flexibly consume ForgeRock solutions within any environment (on-prem, cloud, hybrid, as a service).

Transform and Innovate Faster

Accelerate digital transformation and innovation initiatives with developer and microservices-friendly identity.


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