Unlock the Power of Digital Identity in Financial Services

Accelerate growth with seamless, secure, and scalable experiences across the financial services ecosystem.

Embrace Industry Trends

Data, application programming interfaces (APIs), and technology innovation continue to drive change across the industry. Customer needs and engagement behaviors are changing. Regulatory requirements are becoming more challenging. Meanwhile, the risk of account takeover (ATO) and unauthorized access is on the rise. ForgeRock is the only identity provider that can help you:

  • Enhance customer experiences to drive revenue across millions of identities
  • Mitigate identity fraud and cybersecurity risks
  • Reduce operational and legacy infrastructure costs
  • Achieve regulatory compliance

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Exceed Your Customers' Expectations


Achieve regulatory compliance and mitigate cybersecurity risks, while enhancing personalization across web, mobile, and contact center channels.


With ForgeRock, you can accelerate Know Your Customer (KYC) checks and understand your customers’ needs across all channels. At the same time, you can use artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML) to prevent unauthorized access and ATO attacks.

Rapidly Build and Test User Journeys

Accelerate time-to-value from your identity platform with out-of-the-box biometrics, identity proofing, fraud risk, and strong customer authentication (SCA) technologies. Add pre-built integrations into customer access journeys with drag-and-drop, no-code orchestration that reduces onboarding friction, deployment costs, and abandonment rates, and helps mitigate fraud risk.

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Strengthen Fraud Prevention

Use AI, ML, and advanced pattern matching to analyze identity threat signals and anomalous behaviors, to prevent account takeover even as you remove friction across all customer journeys. Drive smarter access decisions and enable Zero Trust to reduce the attack surface across workforce journeys.

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Identify and Remediate Identity Blindspots

Leverage AI-driven Autonomous Identity to identify identity blindspots across workforce, third party provider (TPP), and contractor access journeys. Reduce manual access rubber-stamping and eliminate overprovisioned access to reduce the risk of unauthorized access. Use AI-driven remediation recommendations to strengthen secure access to your financial services ecosystem.

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The ForgeRock Benefits

Comprehensive Platform for All identities and Use Cases

Comprehensive Platform for All identities and Use Cases

No-Code Identity Orchestration

No-Code Identity Orchestration

AI-Driven Threat Protection

AI-Driven Threat Protection



Single sign-on (SSO), multi-factor authentication (MFA), and identity governance for your workforce, partners, contractors, IoT, services, and customers.

Design onboarding, authentication, and authorization journeys without writing a single line of code.

Collect and analyze access signals to prevent fraud, account takeover, and unauthorized access, while reducing unwarranted login friction.

Leverage third-party identity proofing, strong customer authentication (SCA), biometrics, and risk management capabilities out-of-the-box.

Grow Revenue With Embedded Finance

Embedded finance continues to drive innovation across multiple industries. The combination of financial data, application programming interfaces (APIs), and fintech creates opportunities for building new revenue streams. The ForgeRock Identity Platform allows you to:

  • Expand to new markets through financial-grade APIs (FAPIs)
  • Develop understanding of your customers' needs across multiple industry touch-points
  • Control partner access entitlements to mitigate the risk of unauthorized access
  • Give customers visibility into and control over their data and with whom it is shared
  • Accelerate passwordless adoption through FIDO and passkey standards

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Manage Access Across Organizational Boundaries

The macroeconomic headwinds are driving consolidation across the industry. Financial services providers are increasing their merger and acquisition (M&A) activity and reimagining their relationships with fintechs. Managing multi-brand experiences and access entitlements across multiple organizational boundaries is becoming more challenging. Take advantage of ForgeRock Organizations to:

  • Enable consistent customer experiences across multiple brands and product lines
  • Reduce risk of unauthorized administrator access across organizational boundaries
  • Control administrator privileges across multiple organizations with ease
  • Allow administrators the ability to control access privileges with no-code interfaces

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Innovate With Third-Party Capabilities

The ForgeRock Trust Network is a collection of over 200 technology providers with expertise in strong authentication, identity proofing, biometrics and fraud/risk mitigation. Together with our partners, we develop integrations for our identity platform to support self-managed and cloud deployments.


OneSpan's identity verification capabilities help to prevent fraud and enhance customer experiences across registration and KYC journeys.


BioCatch protects digital identity by analyzing behavioral parameters to generate real-time risk scores across end-to-end customer journeys to mitigate fraud.


Mitek provides access to multiple identity verification tools, including facial biometrics, liveness detection, ID document validation, fraud alerts, and more.

Microsoft Intune

Microsoft Intune manages user access and simplifies application and device management across mobile and desktop devices to enhance customer self-service experiences.


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