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Healthcare was the biggest breach target in 2020, 2019, and 2018



Of healthcare executives are innovating with urgency this year

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Consumers interested in using telehealth going forward

Innovate and Meet Demands to Deliver Better Outcomes

Your healthcare IT staff is constantly under pressure as they juggle breach attempts, consumer and provider demands for digital services, fierce high-tech competition, mergers and acquisitions (M&A), and the proliferation of connected Internet of Medical Things (IoMT) devices. Addressing these concerns hinges on modern digital identity requiring comprehensive solutions with deployment options.

5 Ways Identity Is the Backbone of Digital Health Ecosystems


Accelerate Digital Enablement, Differentiate Your Healthcare Business


You need agility to support innovation, meet fast-evolving healthcare requirements, and build dynamic digital health ecosystems. Get these and more with ForgeRock.


With ForgeRock, you can modernize and integrate disparate hybrid IT environments, and scale to manage and secure millions of consumers, doctors, providers, IoMT devices, services, third-party APIs, and their data – all while enabling exceptional digital experiences and maintaining security and compliance.

Modernize, Integrate, and Interoperate

Legacy IAM makes connectivity and interoperability between systems and applications difficult. It's time to modernize your legacy environments and integrate your hybrid IT applications, systems, and platforms (such as post-M&A) organization-wide. Securely share data and access across perimeters with API security, Identity Gateway, open standards, and federation. Leverage the largest technology partner network for endless capabilities.

Modernize Identity Without Rip and Replace


Innovate and Provide Superior Experiences

Your consumers, providers, and employees demand personalized, omnichannel services and experiences. ForgeRock helps you deliver. Accelerate innovation with cloud, SDKs, DevOps, and microservices. Consolidate disparate user data into a single view for up-to-date information across all apps, services, and providers. Personalize care and experiences to attract consumers and providers, differentiate the business, and grow revenue.

Differentiate Experiences With Leading CIAM


Secure Every One and Every Thing

Healthcare is a top target of cybercriminals. ForgeRock can help you beat their sophistication with Zero Trust and CARTA security. Continuously collect and interpret multiple signals about each user and apply fine-grained access and authorization decisions for high-stakes transactions. Reduce risk and costs with AI and ML to inform and automate identity governance. Secure, visualize, and manage the relationships between users and IoMT devices.

Implement Zero Trust Across Your Organization

Enable Privacy, Consent, and Data Sharing

Offering users the ability to share their data with third parties and manage their own profile and privacy settings helps you provide better healthcare outcomes and establish trusted relationships. With ForgeRock, you can give users control over their data and privacy settings and allow them to securely share access with third parties.

  • Leverage the User-Managed Access (UMA) standard
  • Get comprehensive standards-based profile, privacy, and consent mechanisms
  • Let users determine who and what gets access to personal data, for how long, and under what circumstances
  • Meet regulations, such as HIPAA, the 21st Century Cures Act, GDPR, and CCPA
  • Allow users to save their profile data locally and request the erasure of their profiles

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Extend Governance Investments with Autonomous Identity

Autonomous Identity is an AI-driven identity analytics solution that can be layered on top of, and integrated with, your current identity governance and administration (IGA) solutions.

One of the largest healthcare retailers in the U.S. used ForgeRock Autonomous Identity to identify and automate the clean-up of 550,000 entitlement assignments across their organization.

  • Collect and analyze identity data – such as accounts, roles, user activity, and entitlements – to identify security, access, and risk blind spots
  • Get enterprise-wide contextual insights, high-risk user access awareness, and remediation recommendations
  • Gain wider and deeper visibility into the risks associated with user access
  • Improve security across your organization

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Industry Contributions and Leadership

ForgeRock invests significantly in the healthcare vertical and helps to drive innovation in this space. Key ForgeRock leadership roles and contributions include:

  • Founder of the OpenID Foundation Health Relationship Trust (HEART) Working Group
  • Founder and leadership of the User-Managed Access (UMA) standard
  • Technical expert for U.S. Office of the National Coordinator (ONC) of Health IT, commenting on matters such as health IT priorities and API security and privacy
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    Industry Contributions and Leadership

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