Leveraging Artificial Intelligence with Autonomous ID in the Cloud

Organizations need to have a modern and effective Identity Governance strategy in order to conform with compliance requirements and provide effortless digital experience to customers. You will hear from Steve Giovannetti, CTO & Founder, Hub City Media and Dan Holmes, Senior Identity Specialist, ForgeRock, as they discuss Artificial Intelligence (AI), Machine Learning and Autonomous Identity. You will learn how AI and Machine Learning:

  • Enforces security and reduces risk
  • Enables organizations to meet and exceed regulatory compliance requirements
  • Increases workforce productivity.

You will also gain insights into why deploying an Autonomous Identity solution in the cloud is critical to enabling you to:

  • Eliminate “rubber-stamping” access requests
  • Reduce human intervention when it comes to on-boarding and provisioning
  • Maintain a low total cost of ownership
  • Ensure smooth and efficient audit processes.

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