BlockID by 1Kosmos revolutionizes identity management, enabling people and companies to escape from the legacy systems of paper-based documents and move into a true digital identity with unprecedented privacy, security, transparency and individual rights by leveraging the power of blockchain technology. 1Kosmos also specializes in biometric authentication to OS and web applications with a wide range of biometrics like facial recognition, voice recognition, fingerprints and also zero knowledge based tokens. 1Kosmos BlockID offers a range of solutions from password-less authentication to identity proofing. By taking out every static qualification, for example, usernames, passwords and KBAs, verification winds up frictionless while defeating the ascent of cybercrime executed through static accreditation replay. Notwithstanding being the weakest connection in cybersecurity, passwords additionally adversely affect the client experience and commitment. 

1Kosmos services include, blockchain based decentralized identity management services, architecting and deployments of private blockchains, software solutions, architecture services and solution design & development of single sign-on systems and federated identity platforms, device management and federation services.

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