AuthSafe is to predict, detect, prevent and respond to online fraud attacks in real-time using our cognitive engine. Authsafe's technology helps to prevent all manners of Account Takeover efforts and new online fraud account registration attacks. Through manual attempts or automated tools methods, including credential stuffing.

Most account takeovers today stem from credential stuffing, where an attacker rotates through lists of leaked credentials, probing for ones that work.

AuthSafe identifies the source signature of an attack in real time, blocking malicious login attempts even when the credentials were valid.

After the successful integration of API from Authsafe, the behavioral analysis starts on the SaaS application. We consider the Pre and Post authentication information for our cognitive ML engine.

With Authsafe you can:

  • Create a detailed audit trail for fraud investigations
  • Prevent unauthorized account access, such as account takeovers
  • Provide risk analysis of important app events such as login and transactions, including granular risk signals, which are the reasons that led up to an elevated risk score.
  • Detailed device fingerprinting and IP analysis
  • Prevent fake, spam, and synthetic accounts at registration
  • Manage end-user device access.
  • Alert your risk team about suspicious user activity
  • Create policies with custom rules to fine-tune your risk mitigation

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