BIO-key is a trusted provider of Identity and Access Management (IAM) and Identity-Bound Biometric solutions that offer an easy and secure way to authenticate the identity of employees, customers, and suppliers while managing their access across devices and applications.

Over 1,000 global customers and 200+ higher education institutions trust BIO-key PortalGuard, an award-winning IAM platform, to reduce password-related help desk calls by up to 95%, eliminate passwords, secure remote access, prevent phishing attacks, and improve productivity for the IT team.

PortalGuard uniquely offers Identity-Bound Biometric authentication methods that use a unique, centralized biometric identity to verify the person completing the action. This means that trust can be established that the person is the correct person, not just their device, password, or token. Importantly, Identity-Bound Biometrics are impervious to common attacks as they cannot be stolen, lost, handed over, forgotten, or forged. PortalGuard can be used as a standalone Identity Provider (IdP) or seamlessly integrated into an existing IdP to enhance customers’ access management strategies.

Backed by decades of expertise, BIO-key has a proven track record of successful IAM project delivery and strong customer relationships.

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