Cleafy is a revolutionary solution that has been specifically designed to protect online financial services from the most advanced attacks, enabling anti-fraud teams to effectively scale up their fight against online fraud. A solution that continuously analyses each atomic detail across all digital channels, combining multiple detection technologies with threat intelligence data.

Fraud management teams can therefore collect and analyze all the information related to the user identity, the device, and the transaction, and automate the most appropriate responses based on actual threat patterns rather than generic risk scores. All from one central platform.

Continuous monitoring, complete visibility, and response automation: these are the key ingredients to preventing today's and tomorrow's advanced attacks.

The outcomes?

  • Minimize your risk exposure: With total visibility and response automation your digital channels get optimal protection.
  • Minimize friction for your customers: Cleafy platform helps you optimize your security procedures and trigger prevention mechanisms only when really needed.
  • Speed up your business growth: Keeping risk under control means having more resources to grow your business.
  • Comply with all regulations: Cleafy helps you comply with Banking safety regulations (e.g. PSD2).

A groundbreaking data-driven approach that combines:

  • The most comprehensive fraud detection technology on the market (including patented malware detection, behavioral analysis, behavioral biometrics, and transactional analysis).
  • Tailored proprietary Threat Intelligence data and insights.
  • Automation of pattern-based adaptive responses.

All in one central platform that works in actual real-time, in a clientless way, and transparently for the protected services.

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