Delivery Centric

Delivery Centric is unique in its ability to help clients determine and develop the right solutions.

Unlike traditional outsourcing companies or services, we don’t just follow a specification, or provide you with manpower that needs to be micro-managed – we’re a strategic technology delivery company that can start with your idea and transform it into a market-ready solution.

Unlike traditional design firms, we take a creative yet pragmatic approach to user experience design. Our user experience designers and software architects work together from day one – shrinking development cycles, tightening the feedback loop and maintaining high quality software product development lifecycles.

We uncover user needs to create usable products and offer a meaningful user experience.

Our development techniques and project management best practices deliver high-quality products on time – with no surprises.

Above all, we’ll help you take your idea from napkin sketch to market-ready solutions.

We believe that the secret to successful development is having a seamless, proven process that puts equal emphasis on understanding our customers, user experience, visual design, design lifecycle, and quality, managed with the right people.

Delivery Centric is an end-to-end IT technology services company which is focused on maximising client business opportunities and operational efficiencies through smart cost effective IT delivery.

Our vision is to provide solutions and services that satisfy our client’s requirements, increase their Return On Investment and lower the Total Cost of Ownership. We allow them to focus on their core business. Delivery Centric specialises in IT solutions for Small and Medium Enterprises.

Our consultants are the backbone of our client focused business model and work collaboratively with you to leverage your capabilities. Along with their extensive industry experience and expertise we provide you the most robust cost-effective IT solutions.



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