Accelerate Digital Transformation with ForgeRock and Google Cloud

Speed business transformation at scale for any use case by adding ForgeRock’s industry-leading identity capabilities to your Google Cloud investments.

Fast-Track Modernizing Identity for Any Use Case at Scale


Today's complex digital ecosystem and rapid pace of change is placing extra strain on legacy infrastructures and disparate solution environments. To survive, you need to enable digital transformation with modern, future-proof cloud and identity solutions that can be integrated to meet your demands at scale for any use case quickly and easily.

ForgeRock is a proud Google Cloud Premier Partner. This partnership helps you fast-track your transformation initiatives while reducing the burden on your resources by making it easy to add ForgeRock's industry-leading identity capabilities to your Google Cloud environment.

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Solve Hybrid IT and Hybrid Cloud Challenges with Hybrid IAM

Most organizations today leverage hybrid IT and hybrid cloud architectures to gain cost savings. However, they also introduce challenges such as siloed identities and increased risk.

Forrester Consulting conducted a study on behalf of ForgeRock and Google Cloud to understand how global decision makers across different industries are trying to solve them with hybrid IAM.

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Google Cloud & ForgeRock: Drive to the Cloud with a Hybrid IAM Strategy

Digital transformation, competitive advantage, and saving money are driving factors for any organization moving to the cloud. But if you still need to support critical on-prem legacy applications, a hybrid IAM strategy can make your migration and management seamless.

Watch this webinar to gain insights from experts at Google Cloud, ForgeRock, and Calabrio about the realities of hybrid cloud, IAM strategies to secure cloud environments, and how Calabrio uses ForgeRock Identity Cloud to propel its business forward.

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ForgeRock Identity Cloud: Powered by Google Cloud

Most cloud identity as a service (IDaaS) solutions are unable to meet the demands of today’s organizations because they lack critical functionality or configurability.

ForgeRock Identity Cloud platform as a service is the industry’s only comprehensive identity platform as a service. With ForgeRock Identity Cloud, you can leverage the flexibility, ease, and security of an enterprise-grade identity platform while gaining the ability to support any identity type (consumers, workforce, things) any use case, and any environment (on premises, any cloud, as-a-service, hybrid IT).

ForgeRock Identity Cloud allows you to free precious IT resource time while benefiting from the most up-to-date platform version within a secure environment. With ForgeRock Identity Cloud you can:

  • Scale according to your business demands and not the limitations of your current identity solution
  • Leverage one centralized dashboard to view all of your identities (customers, workforce, and things)
  • Gain frictionless onboarding and a unified view of your users
  • Extend your current identity capabilities with scriptable components and customize as you need

Engineered for Google Cloud, ForgeRock Identity Cloud is built with a multi-tenant cloud architecture with full customer isolation.

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Speed Time to Market With Full DevOps Support

Most organizations face challenges stemming from over-burdened IT resource allocation and a lack of skilled resources. Recognizing this, the ForgeRock Identity Cloud was designed to help speed and streamline the deployment, maintenance, and management of a comprehensive identity platform. The solution leverages the latest DevOps technology using Google Kubernetes.

With ForgeRock, your developers can easily: 

  • Build and maintain a production-grade, DevOps-enabled, referenceable, cloud-ready architecture
  • Access cloud deployment reference artifacts, deployment methodologies, reference architectures, and benchmarks. performance data with developer-friendly documentation
  • Meet deadlines more easily by drastically reducing the time spent managing and configuring software
Learn More About ForgeRock Support for DevOps and Kubernetes

Reduce Costs With a Cloud Deployment Cookbook for the Google Kubernetes Engine

Reducing costs without sacrificing performance or functionality is a top priority for organizations. ForgeRock includes a Cloud Deployment Model Cookbook for the Google Kubernetes Engine (GKE) for benchmarking performance costs on Google. This cost-saving guide helps you:

  • Quickly deploy a recommended reference implementation of the full ForgeRock platform or subset of capabilities of your choosing
  • Validate your deployments against ForgeRock benchmark results and analyze the most cost-effective solution based on multiple deployments and configurations
  • Remove the guesswork from your deployment architecture and hardware sizing with a highly-available multi-zone configuration that includes built-in monitoring and alerting
View the Cloud Deployment Model Cookbook for Google Kubernetes Engine

Acquire ForgeRock Identity Cloud through Google Cloud Marketplace

ForgeRock Identity Cloud can be procured through the Google Cloud Marketplace. This allows Google customers to:

  • Simplify and streamline ForgeRock purchases.
  • Gain the convenience of a single bill for both ForgeRock and Google purchase orders.
  • Reduce time to market.

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