ImageWare Systems

ImageWare® Systems provides end-to-end digital identity proofing, authentication and management solutions as a cloud SaaS and on-premises. The company's Digital Identity Platform provides customers and partners with access to its patented technology for ultra-scalable and anonymous biometrics using nearly any vendors’ biometrics.

ImageWare Systems solves the problem that is responsible for over 80% of corporate data breaches by replacing or strengthening passwords with your choice of biometrics and other multi-factor authentication methods providing the highest level of user assurance, security and user convenience.

ImageWare's certified integration between GoVerifyID and the ForgeRock Identity Platform provides the ultimate in user authentication convenience and security. Users can simply take a selfie, speak a phrase, swipe their finger, show their palm, enter a PIN, or respond to a secure push notification on their mobile device to access applications and systems protected by ForgeRock.

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