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Midships Limited is a ForgeRock-centric consulting firm founded in 2018.

Midships helps our customers to:

Our customers include DBS Singapore, Standard Chartered Bank, Kiwi Bank and other large multi-national organisations. We have had positive feedback from a large bank in Singapore, where their Head of Customer Identity praised us for our commitment and delivering a ForgeRock platform that is "stable, performant and good".

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  • Upgrade their ForgeRock platform while minimizing the impact on end users.
  • Adopt DevSecOps practices and deploy self-managed ForgeRock on Kubernetes in the cloud (AWS, Azure, GCP, AliCloud and OpenShift). Our Kubernetes accelerators are templated for reliability and predictability and can support multi-cloud and multi-region ForgeRock deployments to deliver very high availability.
  • Enable digital transaction signing and prevent call centre fraud through our ForgeRock marketplace nodes.
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